VW Polo 2021: First Look and all details

The features of the new VW Polo are in our news. Four years after its launch, the one that is no longer really to be considered an ant will see its style evolve. A subtle facelift that should not be accompanied by revolution under the hood.

Things are changing at the moment in the country of city dwellers. And especially among the French. While the freshly renewed Peugeot 208 offers a brand new 100% electric variant, the Renault Clio is about to welcome hybridization in its bowels. At the same time, the Opel Corsa is also offering a fully connected version, while a fully revamped Toyota Yaris will soon enter the market, accompanied by a new hybrid block. What about the Volkswagen group? It seems that the Audi A1, Seat Ibiza, and VW Polo, all three based on the same platform, are not inclined to follow this same virtuous path.

On the other side of the Rhine, the Volkswagen group is currently working hard to electrify its range. Very quickly, the compact ID.3, about to be marketed, will be followed by an SUV named ID.4, while a slew of derivatives on “batteries” will follow suit, both at Seat and at Skoda, or Audi. Rechargeable hybridization is also at the heart of this virtuous strategy, with deployment in almost all segments. Unfortunately, the versatile city cars of the Polo, Ibiza, and A1 type seem to have been largely overlooked in this technological upheaval.

VW Polo 2021
VW Polo 2021

Even micro-city cars like the Volkswagen Up !, Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii have received more attention, despite their relative failure. These three models were recently converted to electricity. So what will happen to the sixth generation Volkswagen Polo, currently in office? According to our information, no large-scale electrification is on the rails, to update it, scheduled for 2021. At best, it will see its motors adopt a micro-hybrid solution, of the 48V type, to lower the consumption. An evolution that would imply the systematic use of the DSG automatic transmission.

The changes will be more visible outside. Its facies should be inspired by the styling canons inaugurated by the Volkswagen Golf 8, through a look that extends more significantly to the fenders, when the grille is refined to highlight the new VW logo more prominently. The set will overhang a completely revised shield. Finally, note the introduction of new rims, while the stern will enjoy new fires.

VW Polo 2021
VW Polo 2021

Onboard, you should not expect a big upheaval. It should be remembered that when it was launched in 2017, the Volkswagen Polo struck hard by being the first in its category to benefit from a configurable digital panel, instead of analog meters. Overall, the German passenger compartment remains and will remain in the loop. Potentially revealed during 2021, the restyled VW Polo should see its prices increase slightly. His entry ticket could be around 17,000 €.

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