VW Golf Variant 2021: First Look, Photos, Price

The new generation of the VW Golf Variant is just around the corner. The new Golf 8 will once again have in its range a family body variant that will offer a plus of practicality. These new spy photos of the Golf Variant 2021 show us the renewed Volkswagen family car driving in broad daylight.

The eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf will once again feature a family body variant. A more practical and spacious alternative to the popular and iconic five-door compact. The new Volkswagen Golf Variant is just around the corner. His presentation will take place soon and proof of this are these new spy photos that have been taken in broad daylight and without the brand putting up much resistance for the vehicle to be photographed.

The development of the new Golf Variant 2021 is practically finished. And it is that, as you can see in the spy photos that accompany this article, it hardly presents camouflage. Even, unlike the recently hunted specimen, this prototype already sports the brand’s insignia. However, the optical groups are still partially covered to avoid prying eyes.

At the aesthetic level, it is closely related to the outgoing model. In short, it will continue to be quickly recognized as a Golf Variant. Logically, it adopts all the design changes that we can find in the Golf 2020 that has been available for a long time in Spanish dealers. Some changes are especially concentrated in the front. New headlamps and bumpers, among other things.

VW Golf Variant 2021
VW Golf Variant 2021

Regarding technological and/or mechanical equipment, there will be no surprises either. The second body of the new Golf range will be offered with the same options that we can find in the Golf with a five-door hatchback body. It will feature the new infotainment system, digital instrument cluster, and the expanded list of driver assistance systems.

The mechanical offer will consist of a selection of gasoline and diesel engines. Depending on the engine there will be a manual or automatic dual-clutch DSG transmission. And, as a great novelty, Volkswagen has an agenda to offer a plug-in hybrid version. An alternative for electric mobility that will reduce emissions in the range.

When will it be presented? The debut in the society of the new Golf Variant is scheduled for this year. It is expected to burst onto the scene very soon. However, to see it in the dealerships, it will be necessary to wait for the first half of 2021.

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