VW Golf 9: How Will it Look? What Awaits Us ?

The Golf 8 has barely been released when LastCarReviews is already planning on the next generation of Golf 9. What could it look like … in 2028?

At LastCarReviews, we like anticipation. Regularly, you discover future car models in our columns, via our exclusive illustrations posted in The Scoop section. Stylistic surveys generally run over the medium term. However, there are times when we look much further, like today with this view of the spirit of the ninth generation Volkswagen Golf.

Gentle evolution

The Golf is a myth on four wheels. A European phenomenon that has survived through history, evolving in small steps, with each passing of the baton. To the point of bordering on mimicry at times. This is why, during this Golf 8 launch period, it was too tempting to imagine what the successor one might look like on the horizon … 2028.

The “last” of Golf?

VW Golf 9
VW Golf 9

But first, the first question arises: will this future Volkswagen Golf 9 see the light of day? If we can be almost certain, it is legitimate to wonder if it will be the last of a line that appeared in 1974. As of 2020, the Wolfsburg firm will work hard to impose electrification on a large part of his clientele. In June, ID.3 will begin a new cycle, leading to the deployment of a large range of 100% electric vehicles. The democratization of gender will be the watchword, with an aggressive pricing policy, which will go hand in hand with the gradual extension of autonomy, with technology helping.

Killed by electricity in the 1930s?

At the end of the 1920s, we can predict that a sharp slowdown in sales of thermal vehicles will offset the rise in the power of hybrid and even full-electric vehicles. What if, by 2030, the ID.3 became the new Golf, queen of sales in Europe? We are entitled to wonder even if, for sure, the thermal compact will last a few more years… before its potential disappearance around 2035/2036.

A Golf 9 that erases everything that sticks out

Before that, let’s ask ourselves what this Golf 9 could look like. Obviously like a Golf, logically renewing the gimmicks that have contributed to its legend, throughout his career. We will once again find the large C-pillar, as well as a largely identifiable facies, although the latter has largely evolved with the eighth opus, characterized by an ultra-thin grille. This could be all the more refined, around LED Matrix Laser optics still overflowing on the front fenders. On the sides, the mirrors will probably have given way to cameras, while retractable handles will blend into the doors. Finally, let’s focus on the fact that its roof will lower, to optimize aerodynamics, all combined with a raising of the beltline.

Pure PHEV?

Under the hood, this Golf 9 could turn its back on purely thermal blocks, to focus on a single plug-in hybrid range. All these projections are, of course, only speculations. The future will tell us whether the future Golf 9 will retain some of our assumptions and whether the 1930s will rhyme with swansong, for the Golf epic.

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