VW Atlas 2021: All Details & Photos

All the features of the VW Atlas 2021 are in our news. The American big brother to the popular German SUV has just been updated with several interesting changes to its range.

For some years now, the US market has become one of the priorities for Volkswagen and the best proof of this is in the development of specific cars for this region, such as, for example, a large SUV that responds to the name of Atlas and which has now just seen the light on the occasion of the Chicago Auto Show.

We met its current generation back in 2016 and now the brand has publicly presented a model that we can classify as the Touareg‘s older brother, and that is that the Volkswagen Atlas has remained unchanged for the last three years, so it was already being time to receive the occasional touch-up on an aesthetic and technological level, without neglecting the mechanical part.

VW Atlas 2021

The German brand has given its large three-row SUV a modest makeover after a period of no relevant change. For this reason, we find a series of external modifications both in the front and in the rear, with modified bumpers, updated optical groups, and a renewed hood. In this sense, the Atlas 2021 looks like the model we saw at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, that is, the Cross Sport, a two-row, coupe-style SUV launched in the USA at the end of last year.

VW Atlas 2021

Inside we also see relevant changes and the main modifications affect the infotainment system —with an 8-inch screen—, the quality of the materials, the redesigned center console, not forgetting a series of assistants and advanced driving aids, such such as autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, blind spot detector or adaptive cruise control. Also, Volkswagen has added the new Car-Net telematics system, which includes a Wi-Fi connection for up to four devices.

With all-wheel drive

In the mechanical range, there are no major changes and the only protagonists are the four and six-cylinder gasoline blocks. The most affordable is a 2.0 TSI that offers 235 horsepower and can be associated with the well-known 4Motion all-wheel-drive system, while the most functional option corresponds to a naturally aspirated 3.6-liter V6 with 276 hp and 360 Nm. Both engines are connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

VW Atlas 2021

This VW Atlas restyling is expected to hit the US market later this year, and its prices will be released as spring approaches. As you can imagine, it will not reach Europe.

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