VW Arteon 2021: Revealed New Look and New Tech

VW Arteon 2021 is revealed. Here are all the details. Because of brittle heath design – with the Arteon VW 2017 rams an elegant 4.86-meter stake into the territory of the coupe sedans. Now there is the facelift including the 320 hp R version and above all: the at least as a chic and practical shooting brake.

For a while, it was fashionable to tinker with VW design. Bland, barren, too little pep. It was said. Absolute nonsense. In addition to the desired timelessness, the Wolfsburg-based company now offers a varied range. So expressive that the swear word Heide-Design appears at most one day when the peat is cut off in the bog, thanks to the lack of oxygen wrinkled and leathery. In any case: past. Because at the latest when the VW Arteon 2021 Shooting Brake turns the corner, doubts become recognition.


The VW Arteon 2021 limousine already shows that they can do it at Volkwagen. Just as they trimmed the Passat 2021, which is by itself not unfluffy, in chic fashion. With a character face, a flat, stretched a line and, of course, frameless side windows. Numbered offshoot number one in 2008 as Passat CC, the Arteon released in 2017 finally and permanently emancipated itself from the base.

VW Arteon 2021

Although he still shares the underwear with her, the modular transverse construction kit (MQB). Not a mistake, as we know. The MQB stands for impeccable driving characteristics, i.e. clean handling with fine comfort and generous space thanks to the transversely installed engine and skilfully made package.

The facelift does not change the package, otherwise, VW sharpened a lot. Visually and technically. Starting with the design, to light, assistance, digitization, and appearance, to the modernized drives.

Powerful service: the Shooting Brake

Variant – reinterpreted, you might think, but the shooting brake is more. Would you like a short history of terms? Brake or Break originally stood for wagons designed to break the resistance of untamed horses. They were then modified to go hunting with them, and – voilà: the shooting brake was born.

VW Arteon 2021

Okay, the VW Arteon 2021 limousine is probably rarely used to break resistance, and its needle felt in the rear only provides exceptional shelter for shotguns and rifles. But the name has something. Associates elegance and practical competence. Let’s take a look at that!

Space in the Arteon Shooting Brake

Let’s start at the back: fears that the headlining could fall on your head in the rear: unfounded. Everything is good upwards, no wonder, with almost five centimeters more headroom. Already the entry is convincing and as soon as the legs are stretched out over a meter of space, you ask yourself how long the car is actually. Even professionals tap at least five meters in the rear. Wrong, just a millimeter differentiates it from the sedan. Here and there, guests slouch their legs on comfortable cushions.

VW Arteon 2021
VW Arteon 2021

With the good feeling of knowing 565 liters of luggage space behind. Easy to load thanks to the swinging flap, smooth surface, and full loading width, as the wheel arches skilfully nestle against the side walls. In addition to lush cuboid dimensions, the Shooting Brake offers a maximum volume of 1,632 liters (sedan 1557 liters) and almost 2.1 meters loading length with the rear seat backrests folded down.

VW Arteon 2021
VW Arteon 2021

Who still needs a station wagon? Just don’t say that loudly, otherwise, everyone will want a shooting brake at the end of the day and not just the announced 70 percent of the VW Arteon 2021 sale. Especially since the brake surcharge compared to the limo, which starts at around 45,000 euros, remains manageable at 885 euros, electric tailgate actuation, and convenience key already included.


Also included with all Arteon: the upgraded interior. The large VW has been solid, knock-resistant, and of high quality so far, but some fine work never hurts. VW also thought that it would pull fine stitching over the dashboard and provide ambient lighting for the interior is up to 30 selectable colors.

VW Arteon 2021

And not stubbornly with LED strips, but with elaborately illuminated decorative surfaces in fittings and door panels. Do I know somewhere you mean? Right, there is also the Touareg, the actual top model from Volkswagen. But the VW Arteon 2021 is stylish on his heels. As an alternative closer to the ground for all those who want to treat themselves without climbing into an SUV – and for whom a well-made four-cylinder is sufficient.

We will come to the engines later, now we first feel the fingertips over the seams, feel the partly new materials including real wood and real metal, and get used to the modified operation.

New: climate control and steering wheel

Because instead of installing a wide so-called slider as in the compact class, i.e. golf and the like, the Arteon keeps separate operating islands for the climate control. It runs over short, illuminated touch sliders. As usual, high-gloss black and quite practical because you can type or slide directly. Intuitive. Definitely. Similar to the redesigned multifunction steering wheel. Overall, it has a very handy design and, in combination with the Travel Assist assistance system, has capacitive touch detection, which is important for lane guidance.

VW Arteon 2021
VW Arteon 2021

Also new: the two digital control panels on the left and right, which combine wiping with pressing. This makes it easier for newcomers to switch from the previous “analog” system with buttons and rollers. The individual functions are recognizable, the areas are large enough, the feedback is clear. VW has looked closely at its customers and has not simply imposed an ingeniously sophisticated system on them.


It is worth listening carefully to the top sound system from Harman Kardon. 12 loudspeakers, 16 channels, and 700 watts are one thing, the adjustment to the respective model is another. And there Harman Kardon has a lot of experience that can be heard in the VW Arteon 2021.

VW Arteon 2021
VW Arteon 2021

VW provides two escalation levels for infotainment. With an eight-inch display and navigation as standard, as well as a 9.2-inch touchscreen with natural voice control and an upgrade option, the standard-known digital instruments measure up to 10.25 inches. Designed, individually configurable.

Semi-automated driving up to 210 km / h

New at Arteon: “Travel Assist”, which in addition to ACC also means partially automated driving between zero and 210 km / h. In addition to distance control and speed adjustment for curves, gyros, etc., it keeps the car on the track. There are also known systems such as emergency brake assist with pedestrian detection. The active lighting system, which works with LED projector lenses, enables continuous high-beam lighting and, thanks to predictive control via camera and navigation data, illuminates corners before the driver directs them.

VW Arteon 2021
VW Arteon 2021

From 150 HP: the engines

That’s right: the Arteon Brothers cannot serve with a booming five- or six-cylinder, but with ultra-modern two-liter four-cylinders (eHybrid: 1.4-liter). Nothing runs under 150 HP. Twin dosing instead of twin-turbo: the TDI This is where the diesel starts, the more powerful variant producing 200 hp.

VW Arteon 2021
VW Arteon 2021

Provided for the first time with twin dosing, which stands for the use of two SCR catalysts that reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 80 percent. One Kat is placed close to the engine, the second further down in the underbody. Why? To be able to work optimally, the cat needs a certain temperature, which quickly reaches near the engine, even when cold starting, and holds even when driving with little load. If the system temperature rises, for example, when driving fast or with a trailer, the chemical filter performance drops.

The second catalytic converter is around 100 degrees cooler so that it continues to work optimally – under all conditions. But do two SCR-cats mean twice as much urea consumption? No, it stays the same. Only the power diesel fans could mourn because the close-coupled Kat steals the second turbocharger’s place, which means that the 240 PS Biturbo TDI in the Arteon is no longer available due to twin dosing.

Plug-in hybrid for all equipment

Driving short distances purely electrically without struggling with the range over long distances, that’s what the well-known plug-in hybrid with its system output of 218 hp stands for. The 1.4-liter TSI with 156 hp and the 115 hp electric motor, which send their power to the front wheels via the six-speed dual-clutch transmission, are also working together. The lithium-ion battery in the vehicle floor ensures a purely electrical range of around 50 kilometers. New: the plug-in hybrid is no longer linked to the GTE, but can be linked to all equipment from Elegance to R-Line. However, there is a GTE key. It conditions the Arteon in a sporty driving style, for example by making the electric machine booster more powerful.

TSI: petrol engines from 190 to 320 hp

There is a choice of three petrol engines, 190, 280 and 320 hp. Particularly economical: the basic TSI, whose so-called B-cycle combustion process improves efficiency by around ten percent. To do this, he uses special timing and high compression (12.2: 1). The driver does not notice anything of the savings magic, especially since the 320 Newton meters of torque from 1500 / min to 4100 / min are present.

VW Arteon 2021
VW Arteon 2021

The previous top engine with 280 hp is even more powerful, for which the use of the optional all-wheel drive is recommended. VW even donated a special all-wheel drive as standard to the new top model R. Both Arteon R – Sedan and Shooting Brake – combine the EA888 evo4 (320 hp and 420 Nm of torque) with the seven-speed dual-clutch DQ500 and all-wheel drive including a new torque splitter (R Performance Torque Vectoring).

This regulates the variable torque distribution between the axles and between the rear wheels. Depending on the driving mode and driving situation (speed, steering angle, accelerator pedal position, lateral acceleration, and yaw rate), up to 100 percent of the drive torque reaches the wheel on the outside of the curve, which increases agility and dynamizes driving behavior in curves.

Starting in October, the Arteon will be fresher, more modern, more diverse with current engines from diesel to hybrid to Sparbenziner, and a worthy roe over it. And then the shooting brake! VW is serious about the upper avant-garde middle class. Technically up-to-date, visually ambitious – with full utility. So the chances of the Arteon brothers are excellent to finally dash out of the niche.

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