VW Amarok 2021: All Details, Photos, Price

These recreations bring us closer to the probable appearance of the definitive version of the second generation VW Amarok. The launch of this model has already been confirmed by the German brand, which has reached an agreement with Ford to develop it jointly with the new generation of the Ford Ranger so that both models will share a platform.

Just a few days ago Volkswagen announced the launch of a new generation of its mid-size pick-up, with the publication of an attractive sketch as a teaser of the future model. Based on this sketch, it is precisely how these first recreations have been made, which show us a more realistic version of the German brand’s pick-up.

These recreations try to bring us closer to the more than likely appearance that the final production variant of the Amarok will have since as usual, the sketch presented by Volkswagen shows an idealized image of the model, endowed with shapes and above all, proportions that do not correspond to those that the pick-up will finally have.

These recreations are the work of Russian independent designer Nikita Chuiko and have been initially published on the Kolesa website. As usual in the work of this graphic designer, the renders are based on a previous image, which in this case is the sketch published by the brand itself. Hence, we are sure that its appearance is quite faithful to that of the final model.

VW Amarok 2021
VW Amarok 2021

This new generation of the Amarok will enjoy a noticeably more aggressive design than its predecessor. Even though these renders have eliminated the immense wheels and the absurdly elevated suspension scheme that characterized the sketch published by the German brand, the new Amarok will have a much more aggressive and off-road design than that of the first generation.

Grille and bumpers sport an elaborate design with massive, angular shapes, albeit with some of the brand’s usual features. This new generation will be developed jointly with Ford since both the new Amarok and the future Ford Ranger will use the same platform and more than likely, mechanical organs.

VW Amarok 2021
VW Amarok 2021

When will the new generation of the VW Amarok arrive? It is still early to ensure it but we can expect it to arrive during 2021 as a 2022 model, although we should not rule out a presentation sooner. As long as the coronavirus allows it.

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