Volkswagen Golf 2020: Full View and Photos

The Volkswagen Golf 2020 was probably the most anticipated launch of the year. Already among us is the eighth generation of the popular compact, which is one of the most successful models of all time with more than 35 million units sold. This figure is achieved after having been on the market since 1974 and having been evolving generation after generation. The new one, although aesthetically very similar to the previous one, wants to differentiate itself by other qualities.

It continues to settle on the MQB platform, one of the most used by the brand and present in models such as the T-Roc or the Tiguan. The proportions of the new Volkswagen Golf seem the same as those of its predecessor, but the dimensions change slightly. It has a length of 4,284 mm, a width of 1,789 mm and a height of 1,456 mm. The battle extends to 2,636 mm. It also highlights that the front surface is slightly reduced to 2.21 m² and the aerodynamic coefficient to 0.275 Cx.

The brand has spent years applying the premise of “if something works, don’t change it” and that is perfectly perceived in the design of the new Volkswagen Golf. On the front, we see a remodeling that is evident through those innovative LED headlights, sharper and with a recognizable light signature. They are joined by a thin ribbon that also crosses the narrow grill. At the bottom, we see a renovated bumper that is quite striking.

In the lateral view, the previous generation can be recognized, since there are hardly any changes, as in the rear. In profile, the new rim designs stand out and also that characteristic shape of the C-pillar. In the rear, there are some new-batch LED lights, somewhat narrower and more stylish than the previous ones. The new Volkswagen logo and model name appear in the center of the gate, while a chrome trim that mimics exhaust outlets is integrated at the bottom.

Volkswagen Golf 2020

And where a true revolution is seen in the Volkswagen Golf is inside. In this eighth generation, there has been a complete remodeling of the cabin, betting on a minimalist design and removing the physical buttons almost completely. Digitizing the compact involves integrating the 10.25-inch Digital Cockpit (standard) along with the main touchscreen that is consecutively integrated. In this case, they are 8.25 inches as standard and 10 inches optionally.

The new Golf debuts a color Head-Up Display system that is also interesting so as not to divert too much attention from the road. Virtually all infotainment is controlled via the main screen, including climate control functions. The center console area is also cleared thanks to the redesign and automatic versions with a very small gear selector and in the style of the new Porsche 911.

The range of Volkswagen Golf engines is one of the most renewed points. It opts for variety, having gasoline, diesel, CNG, microhybrid and plug-in hybrid options. If we look at the available diesel, we see that the 2.0 TDI appears in two power levels: 115 and 150 HP. Both are available with the manual gearbox and DSG automatic transmission, while only the most powerful can opt for 4Motion all-wheel drive.

Among gasoline, the 1.0 TSI three-cylinder engine appears as access to the range and is available in two power levels: 90 and 110 hp. It is followed by the 1.5 TSI Evo four-cylinder, which gives an option to choose between 130 or 150 HP of power. Later the 2.0 TSI will arrive for the most performance versions (GTI, GTI TCR and R). Also added to the range will be the 1.5 TGI that can function with compressed natural gas.

In this section, we have to talk about gasoline micro hybrids (MHEV), which have been baptized as ETSI. The 48 V electrical system can be added in the three most powerful gasoline versions, that is, in the 1.0 TSI of 110 CV and the 1.5 TSI of 130 and 150 CV. Although these mechanics came standard with manual transmission, when this electrification is integrated they can only go with the seven-speed DSG automatic transmission.

On the other hand, there will also be two plug-in hybrid versions (PHEV) in the Volkswagen Golf range. In both cases, the 1.4 TSI gasoline block is used together with a small electric motor. In this case, they are linked to a six-speed DSG automatic transmission and a 13 kWh battery (almost double that of the previous one). The access will seek optimized autonomy with its 204 CV, while the GTE will be more performance with 245 CV.

Volkswagen Golf 2020

We had already seen the revolution in the interior of the Volkswagen Golf and something similar happens when we talk about its equipment. Connectivity reaches a new level and a new communication unit (OCU) is integrated with an eSIM card. This means that the “We Connect” services are already standard with the possibility of accessing the car with a mobile phone and seeing all kinds of information in the application. Optionally you can choose the “We Connect Plus”, which adds some notifications and additional functions.

It is the first model of the brand that has Car2X communication so that it can exchange information with other vehicles and infrastructures, warning of possible dangers during the journey. Driving aids do not go unnoticed and you can count on the new Travel Assist, assisted driving at speeds of up to 210 km / h that uses adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping. Other systems such as the turn assist, adaptive suspension or IQ. Light LED matrix lights also stand out.

In our country, new equipment lines are released to configure this Volkswagen Golf. As standard, it comes with elements such as LED headlights, keyless access, and starts, Digital Cockpit, 8.25-inch touch screen, climate control, We Connect connectivity, Front Assist or Lane Assist. Above is the Life finish, which adds 16-inch wheels, inductive charging of the smartphone, ambient lighting or ParkPilot.

If we keep moving forward, the Style appears, which already adds Full LED headlights, 17-inch wheels, chrome elements on the outside, sports seats, more colors for ambient lighting, tri-zone climate control or Travel Assist. The R-Line sporty finish gives it a more eye-catching look thanks to dedicated bumpers and wheels (17-inch), black trims, sport seats with specific upholstery, sports running gear or stainless steel pedals. The GTE will also have its finish that we mentioned in its post.

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