Toyota Land Cruiser 2021: All Details & Photos

Production of the current Toyota Land Cruiser started in 2007 making the J200 one of the oldest SUVs on the market. However, it is important to note that it has been reviewed and updated several times, but a major improvement is just around the corner, as reported by some sources. The Japanese publication reports that the new generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser, which will be reborn as the 300 series, will be presented in August and will move to the latest platform version of Toyota New Global Architecture from the firm known as TNGA-CV.

Interestingly, the report says Toyota plans to offer the large Toyota Land Cruiser with a new hybrid engine possibly based on that used in the Lexus LS 500h, producing less power at 300 hp, 220 kW, and 356 Nm of peak torque. The electrified powertrain, believed to be paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a permanent four-wheel-drive system, should replace the outgoing 4.6-liter V6 engine and could join other engines.

While there is no mention of the replacement of the 4.5-liter V6 diesel available in the current Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in some markets, that does not necessarily mean that Toyota will not offer one in the new 300 series.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2021
Toyota Land Cruiser 2021

Switching to the new architecture will help the next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser grow in size, but it should be lighter than its predecessor. A slightly longer wheelbase would free up more space for second and third-row occupants.

The base SUV could come with seating for five passengers in some markets, while the higher specs would have room for eight. The rest of the interior is believed to be completely updated, and a new infotainment system could be part of the renovation. Toyota will pay special attention to safety assistance functions, and the next Toyota Land Cruiser will receive the standard safety detection package.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2021

The publication suggests that we will be able to see a prototype at the end of this year, at the Tokyo Biennale, which will take place in October. It is also predicted that a new infotainment system and safety technology will appear, such as new driver assistance systems or even a patented “transparent” A-pillar.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2021

Another indication that a new Land Cruiser is on the waypoints to the launch of the Land Cruiser Heritage Edition version, which was launched at the last Chicago Auto Show. Toyota has often created special editions of its Land Cruiser as the model nears its expiration date, and that edition is a 2020 model.

Also, the future new generation will have more smoothed features and lines but without giving up its usual solid and robust appearance. As for its mechanical chapter, although for the moment there is no official confirmation, we will continue to find a wide range of versions, depending on the market to which it is directed, although it is rumored that the 8-cylinder versions will disappear in favor of new engines. V6 supercharged.

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