Toyota Highlander 2021: All Details and Photos

In other countries it has been around for 20 years, now the Toyota Highlander is finally coming to us. Like its little brother, the RAV4, the seven-seater SUV is based on the TNGA platform but is significantly larger. The Highlander is 4.94 meters long, 1.93 meters wide, and 1.73 meters high. With a wheelbase of 2.85 meters, all seven passengers should find enough space.

Row two can be moved by 18 centimeters so that adults can get to the rear row without damage. Despite a large number of seats, the SUV keeps a decent trunk volume. In the fit 658 liters, with the third and fourth row of seats folded down, this increases to a total of 1909 liters.

While the Highlander is also offered as a V6 petrol engine in the USA, we only offer it as a hybrid. A 2.5-liter petrol engine and one electric motor each on the front and rear axles form the drive. The performance is not yet homologated for us, but you can orientate yourself to the USA. There it is specified with 246 hp. Thanks to the hybrid system, the large SUV has an all-wheel-drive on board and can pull trailers up to two tons.


Toyota Highlander 2021

The black interior should be functional and suitable for everyday use. In the cockpit, the unusual central control unit with a 12.3-inch display is particularly eye-catching. All switches and buttons that are normally located on the center console are located under the attached display.

At first glance, it looks like something out of a science fiction film. Also thanks to a decorative element that stretches from the passenger’s side over the dashboard and that the attached control unit appears to hold. The smartphone can be connected to the spacey infotainment via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Toyota Highlander 2021
Toyota Highlander 2021

The phone can be charged wirelessly or via one of the USB ports while driving. Toyota also offers a switchable digital rearview mirror that uses the images from the rearview camera.


The assistance systems include an emergency braking system that also recognizes pedestrians and cyclists, an adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, a lane departure warning system, and a lane departure warning and high-beam assistant. The Toyota Highlander is scheduled to hit the market in 2021. However, the Japanese do not yet comment on the prices. How To Cars assumes that the large SUV will not be under 50,000 euros.

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