Toyota Harrier 2021 ‘s stock 15 times more than expected

The new generation of the Toyota Harrier 2021 becomes an absolute success even before its Japanese premiere, as it already accumulates 15 times more initial reservations than the Japanese brand estimated. Even the current health situation does not seem to have slowed down the Japanese, who have welcomed this new generation of the crossover with open arms.

The new Toyota Harrier 2021 is one of those rare sales successes, even before reaching dealerships, as the accumulated reserves of the model far exceed the most optimistic expectations of the Japanese firm. Specifically, the new Harrier 2021 already accumulates 45,000 orders, 15 times more than expected.

The new Toyota Harrier 2021 marks the fourth generation of the Japanese mid-size crossover. It was presented last April and should have already reached Toyota dealers in its home market, Japan, although, as expected, the health crisis we have suffered during the first half of the year has meant a slight delay for its commercial launch.

Toyota Harrier 2021

In theory, this should have negatively affected the sales of the model, as has happened with the rest of the models in practically all markets, which have suffered a notable drop in sales during the first half of the year. However, in the case of the Toyota Harrier we found the opposite effect, since the confinement has not prevented Japanese customers from making reservations for the new model and these far exceed the brand’s expectations.

The Japanese firm estimated that the new generation of the Toyota Harrier would be able to sign monthly sales of 3,100 units in its native market, however, since its presentation the company has already received 45,000 reservations. Which means multiplying by almost 15 the initial demand that Toyota had estimated for this new generation of the crossover.

Ironically, of the 4 generations that the Toyota Harrier has enjoyed in Japan, this is undoubtedly the most continuous, since it has a design that is tremendously similar to that of its predecessor. So you can practically say that the new model is an evolution of the previous generation, due to the similarity of its features. Now it remains to be seen if the variant launched in the North American market and which receives the name Toyota Venza Hybrid enjoys the same commercial success as its Japanese brother.

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