Toyota Harrier 2021: All Details and Photos

The Japanese firm has unveiled the first lines of official accessories for the new generation of the Toyota Harrier. This already has new body kits signed by TRD and Modellista at the brand’s dealers in their home market. Thanks to these body accessories the new Harrier 2021 has a noticeably more aggressive image.

Toyota Harrier 2021

We have recently attended the presentation of the new generation of the Toyota Harrier. The mid-size crossover that in its first generations was strongly related to the Lexus RX but that in its last two generations has distanced itself from the premium model. As a great novelty of this fourth generation, the Harrier has become a global model and now, for the first time, it is available in the North American market, such as Toyota Venza 2021.

As expected, just a few weeks after the official presentation of the model, we can already find several accessories for the mid-size crossover at the brand’s dealerships. Including the usual body kits from the TRD and Modellista catalogs. The aftermarket accessory lines of Toyota itself.

Toyota Harrier 2021
Toyota Harrier 2021

This series of accessories have a single function, to turn the Toyota Harrier into a more aggressive model, as is usual in the body kits of these aftermarket catalogs. At the moment these are only available in Japan, but we do not rule out that they can be marketed in other markets, such as for the Toyota Venza 2021 in North America.

Toyota Harrier 2021
Toyota Harrier 2021

On the one hand, we find the TRD kit, which has huge black wheels and a much more aggressive front than the standard, with new air intakes with black trim and a huge and prominent front splitter. On the sides, we find elaborate heels and on the back a huge central diffuser with four exhaust outlets. The look of the Harrier 2021 is noticeably sportier with these TRD accessories.

In the case of the Modellista kit we find a similar image, but somewhat more discreet. Well, although it has a completely new bumper with huge air intakes, these appear more stimulated and accompanied by numerous chrome elements.

This extends to dual-tone wheels and side heels, while the TRD kit’s massive exhaust vents disappear in the rear and instead we find several bumper options, with a lower one with new chrome elements with no outlets. Visible exhaust and another with 4 square-shaped outlets, in addition to the possibility of mounting a discreet spoiler in body color on the base of the rear window.

Toyota Harrier 2021 Galery;

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