Toyota GT86 2021: First Look & Photos

The time has come for the veteran Toyota GT86 as well as its “first cousin” Subaru BRZ to be updated. The new generation of the Japanese sports car is underway and will be introduced in 2021 loaded with important new features. From the change of platform to the use of a new turbocharged mechanics.

The years weigh on the Toyota GT86. Toyota’s fireproof sports coupe has been on the market too long without a complete overhaul. A generational change that allows you to catch up and, ultimately, adapt to the new times. Times in which special emphasis is placed on reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Efficiency is one of the determining points when buying a new car. At least in certain regions like Europe.

The moment has arrived. Both the Toyota GT86 and its “first cousin”, the Subaru BRZ, will be completely renovated. The development of the second generation of these sports is underway. Putting special emphasis on the GT86, the truth is that it will release important news. Some changes that will affect from the base to the name of the vehicle itself. And it is already talked about that it will be renamed Toyota GR 86.

Now, beyond the name change, which is somewhat minor, what is truly important will lie in the bowels of the vehicle. It will be supported by a new rear-wheel-drive platform and under its hood, there will be a new mechanical assembly. At the moment, the specifications have not been confirmed, but a turning point will occur concerning the current model.

The new GT86 will be powered by a turbocharged gasoline engine that will develop an approximate power of 260 hp and 400 Nm of maximum torque. One of the doubts on the table is whether in the new generation of the GT86 there will only be an automatic gearbox available, leaving aside the manual transmission.

Release date of the new Toyota GT86 2021

When will it hit the market? Through a leaked slide in an internal Toyota presentation, it has been possible to know when the new GT86 will appear on the scene. The launch of the second generation of the Japanese sports car is set for the summer of 2021. Recall that a prototype or test mule of the new generation of this model has not been sighted today. It is expected that the new Subaru BRZ will be presented in the same year since it is a joint development.

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