Toyota Fortuner 2021: All Details, Photos, Price

Toyota Fortuner 2021 debuts with new features and photos. Toyota revises the family SUV based on the Hilux pickup and installs a new diesel engine. However, 4.8-meter off-roader still does not come to Germany.

Together with the update of the Toyota Hilux pickup, the closely related Toyota Fortuner also receives a corresponding facelift. Because the Fortuner is based on the platform of the Toyota pickup but spans a combination body on the lead frame. Such models are particularly popular in emerging markets as an inexpensive and robust alternative to large family SUVs. Accordingly, Toyota offers the Fortuner in Asia, South America, and parts of Africa.

Toyota Fortuner 2021

With the Hilux assembled in the same production facilities in Thailand and South Africa, the Fortuner, which was introduced in 2015 as the second generation, will also receive the revised 2.8-liter diesel engine. The output of the four-cylinder turbodiesel increases to 201 HP, the maximum torque to 500 Newton meters.

In connection with the additional power, the trailer load of the Toyota Fortuner is increased, it can now take a maximum of 3.1 tons on the hook. In addition to the optical upgrade with a new grille, a changed design of the rear lights and a new instrument panel, there is also the latest generation of the Toyota multimedia system with an eight-inch screen, Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

The Fortuner has been available in the previous markets in the new version since June. An import to Europe is still not planned. However, the Toyota Highlander comes into a similar gap, and after many years it should be launched on the German market.

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