Toyota Corolla GR-Sport Compact sedan arrives in 2021

Toyota’s especially sporty finish also reaches the third body in the Corolla GR-Sport range. The Sedan adopts a more aggressive image, thanks to this equipment developed by GR-Sport, in addition to a more elaborate interior atmosphere. It is only available as a rechargeable hybrid, with 125 horses and will arrive at the end of the year.

It was one of the disadvantages of Toyota, not having a sporty finish or limited only to some models. But the irruption of the GR-Sport is giving a completely new air to this generation of the Corolla, which have opted for a more futuristic design and that comes as a ring to the finger.

Already available on the Corolla and Corolla Touring Sports Estate, the latest addition has been the three-volume variant of the Corolla Sedan. Toyota has unveiled the GR-Sport trim for this variant of the compact, announcing entry into production starting in November and aiming to deliver units in early 2021, offering itself exclusively with the hybrid 1.8-liter, 125hp version.

The front view gains integers by replacing the chrome accent lights with shiny black ones, the upper and lower grille, the ends of the front bumper, the rearview mirror housings, the center pillars or the inserts at the bottom of the door panels, details that may go unnoticed but clearly identified with the emblems on the front and rear.

The Japanese firm has also opted to mount attractive alloy wheels in a 10-spoke, 18-inch design with black highlights. At the rear, a thin and discreet spoiler is placed on the edge of the boot lid, offering two options for the model: a new specific body paint, the «Gris Dynamic» and a contrasting black roof.

The interior of the Toyota Corolla Sedan GR also features distinctions compared to conventional versions, such as brushed aluminum door sill strips with the GR-Sport logo, black interior headliner, sport seats with integrated upholstered headrests. in leather and with white and red stitching, a detail that also moves to the steering wheel but with a perforated finish.

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