The 3,500 Ford Bronco 2021 sold in just 3 hours

The reception of the new Ford Bronco 2021 seems to have been very good, as shown by the speed with which the special launch edition of the SUV has been exhausted. In just 3 hours the reserves for the 3,500 units that will be manufactured from the most expensive version of the new Bronco were exhausted.

This week the expected new generation of the Ford Bronco 2021 was unveiled. The reborn off-road vehicle of the Dearborn firm was announced in early 2017 and after numerous advances and several delays, as it should have been unveiled in the spring, it has finally been officially presented.

The expectation raised in recent months by the arrival of the new Bronco has been brutal, not in vain Ford has made a greater marketing effort even than with the launch of the new generation of the Ford F-150, which has resulted in a equally overwhelming response from fans.

Ford Bronco 2021
Ford Bronco 2021

The new Bronco range was presented on Monday night, at 8:00 p.m. on the American East Coast (2:00 a.m. in Europe in Tuesday) and at that moment the book for the Limited edition of the model launch, the Bronco First Edition 2021, of which 3,500 units will be manufactured. But just 3 hours later, at 11:15 p.m. that night, all units of this limited edition, which was only available to customers in the US market, had already been sold out.

This demonstrates the high interest that the model has aroused among American fans, despite the Jeep campaign to try to reduce the prominence of its new rival, with the publication of several advancements of the future Jeep Wrangler hybrid and Wrangler V8, launched in the dates closest to the presentation of the Bronco.

Ford Bronco 2021
Ford Bronco 2021

The future Bronco range will be made up of 2 models, the Bronco as such and the also new Ford Bronco Sport, a crossover that inherits the name and aesthetics of the Ford 4×4. As for the Bronco, it will have 2 body variants, 2 and 4 doors, which will be available in 7 trim levels or versions, including the Bronco First Edition.

This special launch edition is based on the highest level of finish, the Bronco Badlands, which has the most radical and best-equipped frame configuration for 4×4 practice, although it can only be configured with a few colors from the catalog: Rapid Red Metallic, Area 51, Cactus Gray and Cyber ​​Orange

It also mounts various elements and optional packages, such as the Lux and Sasquatch packs, as well as standard leather coverings inside. The price for this special edition with the 2-door body is $ 60,800, although there are no more units available.

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