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Renault Mégane Alpine: Electric Sports Car With 400-HP

Luca de Meo, recently appointed at the head of the Losange, does not hide it: the Alpine emblem is brought to participate in the war effort to upgrade the Renault soldier. In a few months/years, certain models belonging to the classic range, going from the Clio to the Arkana, should benefit from badged versions of the famous “A”, like a certain R5 Alpine, at the end of the years. The 70s. A strategy which should apply to the future 100% electric Mégane, according to the rumors of the hallway, with a view to replacing the current Renault-Sport sports car by 2023.

At The end of 2021, the Renault Mégane eVision concept car will finally materialize commercially. In parallel with the thermal and hybrid range, this all-new compact will adopt a breakthrough style, and more particularly a platform dedicated to total electrification. After the Nissan Ariya SUV, the Mégane ZE will be announced as the second Renault-Nissan Alliance model to benefit from the new CMF-EV underbody. At first, the French have already announced that it will use an engine developing the equivalent of 217 hp when it is launched, but it promises to get slammed quickly.


To be convinced, just take a look at the range of engines available to its Japanese cousin. Officially, the Nissan Ariya will engage the services of 100% electric units ranging from 160 kW (217 hp) to 290 kW (394 hp) to propel its 4.60 m long carcass. And it is precisely this high engine, around 400 hp, which should be invited into the bowels of the future Renault Mégane Alpine.

Reading the performance delivered by this engine onboard the large Nissan SUV, we conclude that it should work miracles in a Mégane ZE much shorter (around 4.21 m) and lighter. Indeed, despite its overweight, the 394 hp Ariya already accelerates harder than the current Mégane RS Trophy-R. The SUV accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.1 s, or 3 tenths better than the most exclusive sports car of the former Régie.

It remains to be seen whether the compactness of the future Renault Mégane Alpine will allow such cavalry to be carried. Split into two motors housed on each axle, this technology will give it the benefit of all-wheel drive. In order to save weight and interior space, the capacity of the 90 kWh battery used for the Ariya could be reduced.

Renault Mégane Alpine Price

The arrival of this 100% electric sports car is not expected before 2023, knowing that the commercial ramp-up of the classic Mégane ZE will take place in 2022, after being revealed at the end of 2021. As for prices, it is to be feared a ticket of entry well in excess of € 50,000, or even around € 60,000.

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