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Renault Kangoo 2021: First Look and Photos

More than 12 years after its launch, the Renault Kangoo will finally have descendants. He can taste electrification in more ways than one.

Last spring, we discovered the lines of the future Kangoo through a concept car. A third-generation utility vehicle scheduled for fall 2020, coupled with a “toy car” that will make its first dealerships in the spring of 2021.

For this new opus, the Renault Kangoo will be asked to make a clean sweep of the cheeky face of its oldest appeared in 2008, then restyled in 2013. This is to reassure in the face of competition that leaves little room for jovial facies, preferring to highlight the seriousness and solidity, dear to professional users.

It’s also time for the Kangoo to adopt the latest Rhombus style cannons. If its final prow is reminiscent of a certain Renault Espace, its general appearance recalls a certain Renault Frenzy. This concept car dates back to 2011!

Renault Kangoo 2021
Renault Kangoo 2021

Modern in design, the new Renault Kangoo will be based on an extrapolation of the platform from the current Renault Mégane. A technical base called CMF-C capable of accommodating both hybrid (or even rechargeable) and 100% electric engines, in addition to petrol and diesel thermal blocks.

Under the hood of this brand new Kangoo, we should find the 1.3 TCe engines of 130 hp and the 85 and 115 hp dCi of the Clio 5, as well as its E-Tech engine. This hybrid block of about 128 hp promises consumption similar to that of a diesel, just like the price, according to Renault. As a result, the rechargeable E-Tech Plug-in hybridization of the new Captur could be added to this thermal range.
Zoe’s autonomy?

Renault Kangoo 2021
Renault Kangoo 2021

In 2021, the 100% electric version will join the game. No specifications are known yet for this new Kangoo Z.E. It should however retain the 52 kWh battery, inaugurated by the new Renault Zoe, associated with a 110 or 135 hp engine. It would then be possible to achieve more than 350 km of autonomy on the WLTP certification cycle.
New Kangoo Award

At the launch scheduled for autumn 2020, the new Renault Kangoo will be exchanged for around € 22,000 in the base, when the same 100% electrified vehicle will claim at least € 35,000.

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