Renault Kadjar 2021: New Photos & Details

Despite the recent restyling of the first generation of Kadjar, we are working behind the scenes at Renault to advance the renewal of the compact SUV, battered by stiff competition. From 2021, a brand new opus with a polished style will be released. What do we already know about the one who wants to get back into the race, facing the thunderous Peugeot 3008?

The Renault Kadjar does not demerit. In 2018, it ranked second in compact SUVs, with 27,176 units sold in France, compared to the 23,720 Nissan Qashqai and 21,539 Volkswagen Tiguan, among the top names in the category. If the leaders of the Losange are probably happy, they still envy the insolent success of the Peugeot model. With 84,834 copies having found a taker on the French territory, the 3008 ultimately leaves only crumbs to its competitors. A final affront to Kadjar: he is preceded by the long version of the 3008, the Peugeot 5008 (31,125 exes.).

And the timid restyling carried out by the Renault Kadjar in 2018 does not seem capable of turning the tide of history. The ex-Régie seems to blame the blow with a fatality, to already project itself towards the second generation. To the point that the current Kadjar should not benefit from the technological advances promised to the Renault Mégane, which will soon be converted to plug-in hybridization, during its facelift in 2020.

Renault Kadjar 2021
Renault Kadjar 2021

The following year, 2021, that the current Renault Kadjar will retire early, just five years after its launch, when the average car life cycle spans 7 years. The Losange is therefore in a hurry to turn the page and promises to come back with a model with a more dynamic design, both inside and out, coupled with an increase in the quality of finish.


But it is in the field of technology that the future Renault Kadjar could make the difference compared to 3008. Faced with the latter, which will soon advocate an elitist rechargeable hybridization (225 and 300 hp), therefore expensive, the Kadjar will oppose the same type of propulsion, with more modest engines. What’s more, the use of classic hybridization will allow it to lower its entry ticket one step further.

Renault Kadjar Price

In short, if the move upmarket of the Kadjar will be undeniable, it will remain less ambitious than that of 3008, with premium claims. This will earn Renault’s SUV more attractive prices and a more complete range of engines. See you in 2021 to discover this brand new model, the base price of which will target around € 27,000.

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