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Range Rover Evoque 2021: All Details & Photos

The Range Rover Evoque 2021 arrives in USA. The smallest of the house is presented from head to toe. Lots of technology, more quality, and more efficiency for a premium SUV that we have already known and that we analyze below.

In 2011 Land Rover joined the bandwagon of luxury compact SUVs with the arrival of the Evoque. Its English touch and elegant design made it a resounding success. However, the years pass for everyone and the smallest of the house must also be renewed so that it does not end up being trampled by other rivals such as the Audi Q3, the BMW X1, the Mercedes GLA, the MINI Countryman, the Volvo XC40 and of course his brother twin the Jaguar E-Pace. Faced with such threats this year a new generation of the Range Rover Evoque 2021 arrives, and we are in its static presentation to be able to teach you more closely.

No one can deny that Land Rover’s design work manages to attract attention. Their SUVs are really beautiful, and the Range Rover Evoque 2021 continues with that special tradition although I must admit that in this case, they have had it easier. More than anything because what Land Rover has done has been to take a Range Rover Velar and reduce it to a smaller scale, leaving it at 4.37 meters long, which is the same figure as the previous generation.

Although the Range Rover Evoque’s silhouette remains, all the panels of the car are completely new. Starting from the front we see how the appearance is very similar. Once again highlights a huge bumper whose main changes are the side air intakes, which are made smaller, and the position of the fog lights, which move to a lower position. If we continue up we see more changes in the design of the grille and in the size of the headlights that are now made narrower and more advanced thanks to the use of LED matrix technology.

One of the main novelties of the Range Rover Evoque 2021, when it arrived, was the three-door body. Despite not being particularly practical, the Land Rover idea did not go entirely wrong. However, for this second generation, it is time to say goodbye to that coupe bodywork since it will only be available in the five-door version. This may make you lose attractiveness but without a doubt makes it more functional. And in case you’re wondering, nothing is known about the Cabrio body either, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t exist either.

Even though the Evoque is not especially small, everything makes us think that we are dealing with a bigger car than it is. The designers have played with the proportions to deceive us. Short overhangs, both front and rear, a long wheelbase, widened wheel arches, and a very strong ascending rib that, in addition to reducing the size of the rear windows, generates that feeling of dynamism even when standing still. The secret is also in the details such as the retractable door handles and the wheels, whose size can range from 17 to 21 inches depending on the level of equipment.

Range Rover Evoque 2021
Range Rover Evoque 2021

Moving to the back we discover the most changed part of all. In the previous Evoque, this section was presented as the most forceful in terms of design. However now it presents a style more in line with the rest of the car, more elegant could be said. I am left with the area of ​​the headlights, with this three-dimensional effect that they create and that once again is taken directly from the Velar. I like the rear in any of the finishes that Land Rover offers, although of course if we opt for the R Dynamics level we will have that light sporty touch that we like so much.

Technology is important, we know that, but even more so is the way it is presented. Today, a car not only has to be advanced, but it also has to demonstrate it, and what better way to do it than by including many screens and digital surfaces. At Range Rover, it seems that this philosophy has been taken to the letter. One, two, and even three screens are integrated into the dashboard of the new Range Rover Evoque 2021. Each of them has and performs a specific function, although in a way they all support each other, sometimes showing joint information.

The upper one can have a size of up to 10 inches and through it, we can manage the most general aspects of the infotainment system. The browser, the sound system, the connectivity for Android Auto and Apple Car Play, the parking cameras, the car settings, the off-road graphics, In other words, a long list of variables that we can alter to our liking.

If we go to the lower screen, to the one located in a central tunnel that maintains this floating shape, we can manage aspects more related to the comfort and behavior of the car. We have the air conditioning, regulated by wheels, some extra adjustments, and especially the driving modes, which like a good Land Rover are a few thanks to the Terrain Response system. Unlike other models in the house, the Evoque does not have a suspension management module since in this case, it does not mount pneumatic shock absorbers so the height is always the same.

Range Rover Evoque 2021 Interior
Range Rover Evoque 2021 Interior

The last of the screens is found just in front of the driving position, performing the functions of the classic instrument cluster. In this case, the size of the screen amounts to 12.3 inches, and as in others that we can see in the market, it is capable of displaying a lot of information, although in this case, it is more focused on aspects that have to do with the pure and hard-driving. Of course, we can alter the design it presents thanks to the controls on the left side of the steering wheel, although it must be recognized that the system is not the most intuitive on the market.

But the list of technological innovations does not end there the new Range Rover Evoque 2021. If you remember, a few years ago Land Rover presented the transparent hood technology as a sketch. Through the windshield cameras, the software compiles the images and shows us what is right under the car without having to get off. It is especially advantageous in the field since in this way we will have absolute control of everything that surrounds the car. Since we are involved in the off-road issue, to say that the English have improved the Evoque free-range, with a wading height of 60 centimeters and attack angles of 25º for the front axle, 30.6 for the rear and 20.7 for the central part.

To finish off the technical novelties section, we must mention the presence of the induction charger, the 360º cameras, the Head-Up Display, the adaptive cruise control, as well as a long list of driving assistants that make the Evoque a much safer and much easier to drive a car. Finally, I can not turn the page without mentioning one of those gadgets that will give a lot to talk about. Land Rover calls it ClearSight interior rearview mirror, and what this Anglo-Saxon term means is that we are looking at a digital rearview mirror. In case of being heavily loaded and not having visibility through it, we can change modes and can see thanks to the camera on the back of the car.

Although I have not mentioned it, I have taken for granted the high quality of finishes that Range Rover offers in its products. The Evoque already stood out for this feature, but in this new generation, it has also been improved. Better quality of finishes and better materials used, ranging from the best possible leather to environmentally sustainable recycled fabrics. Not something else, but the quality cannot be denied.

Although many things have changed in the Evoque, I have already said that the external measurements have not, the wheelbase has. Exactly it has grown in just two centimeters. It doesn’t seem like much, but that little bit, added to better use of space, makes it possible to enjoy more legroom behind, although the height is still rather short due to the roofline. For this reason, larger passengers should go in front, while behind can fit up to three people of medium size without too much constriction, although better if only two go.

As I have already said Land Rover has known how to make better use of space, and thanks to this the trunk of the Evoque is 10% larger. This means that the minimum volume becomes 591 liters, while the maximum load capacity of 1,383 liters is achieved if we lower the second row of seats in their 40:20:40 ratio.

In terms of mechanics, Range Rover once again draws on the Ingenium range of the Jaguar-Land Rover group. All versions will offer turbocharged two-cylinder and four-cylinder blocks. The diesel range will have powers ranging from 150 to 240 horsepower, while gasoline will be the most functional with a minimum of 200 horses and a maximum of 300. As for traction, all units except the D150 access variant With the manual transmission, they will have an all-wheel-drive as well as an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

However, although the mechanical range has been revised, the most interesting is the incorporation of 48 volt Mild-Hybrid systems in all versions except the access one. Its operation is based on the recovery of energy lost in decelerations. An extra battery accumulates the extra energy and delivers it once we start the journey, supporting the thermal engine in these first phases of acceleration so that consumption and consequently emissions are lowered. Thanks to this, the new Evoque achieves ECO environmental certification, which brings several advantages.

Obviously, and as you may have already imagined, all this carries a high sale price. The new Evoque is now available in the Spanish market with a starting price, without discounts, of 40,000 euros for the manual D150 with a standard finish. On the other side of the scale, we find the P300 with R-Dynamics HSE finish that is for sale for a price of almost 77,000 euros. During the first months, Land Rover offers a First Edition package that will include much more equipment, although it will only be available for the most powerful mechanics, both diesel and gasoline.

In the absence of trying it, things look great for the new Evoque. Its complete renovation has come in handy and not only in terms of design. Thanks to the other improvements, the Evoque can be considered a full-range Range Rover, and as it has done so far, it will continue to be one of the most commercial alternatives in the competitive premium C-SUV segment. More quality, more technology, better design, more space, and renewed mechanics, after all, more car.

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