Range Rover 2021: Spy Shot on Test Drive

Range Rover spied at 2021 test drive. With the competition of the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, in addition to more conventional models such as the BMW X7, Land Rover’s task is to offer a fifth-generation Range Rover that surpasses all these rivals. To achieve this, it will use all its experience, the brand’s charisma and the latest technological advances in powertrains, not to mention autonomous driving systems and connectivity.

Lighter and more advanced

The British firm has already revealed that the next Range Rover, along with the next Range Rover Sport, will use a completely new architecture built in aluminum, a platform that will not only be lighter than the current one, but will also boast of being the least heavy of all that Jaguar Land Rover has made. The copy that our spies have captured in the Green Hell hides underneath all that camouflage this chassis, which is receiving the latest adjustments before being sent to production.

The aforementioned platform, known as the MLA, will be used in all future Jaguar Land Rover models that vary in size from the Jaguar XE to the Range Rover. The weight savings it offers compared to the current options is crucial to be able to face a stage in which electrification will play a major role. Our spies tell us that the next generation of the British SUV will present measures very similar to the current ones, which we remember are 5.00 meters long by 1.98 wide and 1.87 high, with a wheelbase of 2 , 92 m.

Range Rover 2021

On the mechanical side, the fifth generation will continue the plug-in hybrid technology introduced in the latest update to the current Range Rover. It is understood that the PHEV configuration of the MLA architecture will include an electrified rear axle along with an Ingenium four-cylinder gasoline engine, with an autonomy in electric mode greater than 50 kilometers from the P400e that is in the dealerships. However, there will be major changes to the line of combustion engines as the current diesel and gasoline will be replaced by other new Ingenium inline six-cylinder units with mild-hybrid technology.

Range Rover 2021

The electric version will come later

As for the 100% electric version, it is expected to be available a few years after the initial commercialization of the British SUV as the efforts in this matter by the English brand are focused on developing a completely new model that involves the arrival of the first Range Rover electric. A car that will be more focused on offering high levels of comfort and outstanding behavior on the road, to the detriment of its off-road skills.

Range Rover 2021

Last but not least, it should be noted that the next generation will come with important technological advances, such as an infotainment system based on the Velar Touch Pro Duo, but conveniently updated, as well as artificial intelligence technology that will adapt to driver preferences and configure the car to your liking. This vehicle is expected to see the light in 2021.

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