RAM 700 2021: New plan for Latin America?

FIAT is in a delicate situation in Latin America. And more specifically in those countries that are outside Mercosur. RAM 700 has been going strong and the entry on the scene of the new RAM 700, a model based on the FIAT Strada, which is called to play a leading role in the American continent, is a direct shot to the waterline of the Italian firm in the region.

The launch of the new RAM 700 is a really important event. And not just for RAM, but also for FIAT. It is the smallest and most affordable pick-up marketed by the American firm in South America, with the exception of the countries that make up Mercosur, since it is not available there. The new 700 will continue to hold the position of entry to this popular firm specialized in this type of vehicle that is so popular in the American continent.

The new RAM 700 is not a self-developed model, as it emanates directly from a product marketed by another of the firms that make up Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Specifically, it is a highlight of the FIAT Strada. The new Strada is a key product for FIAT in countries such as Brazil or Argentina. That is, in Mercosur. One of the pillars on which the Italian brand has been sustained far from the Old Continent.

FIAT is especially strong in Italy and Brazil. However, in general terms, its position in the American market is very delicate. It has been losing ground little by little in Latin America. The comparisons are odious and in recent times RAM has been pressing the accelerator and gaining an advantage over FIAT. Is the new RAM 700 the definitive thrust to FIAT in Latin America? The sales figures bring to light the real situation of both car companies.

It makes perfect sense that RAM takes advantage of the development of the Strada to add a product to its range. FIAT’s market share outside of Mercosur is very small and its product offering is not adequate, in many cases, to current real demand, and on the contrary, RAM is gaining ground in these countries. SUVs are gaining ground in Chile, Mexico and Colombia, and FIAT’s offer in this regard is practically non-existent.

RAM and FIAT sales in Latin America
RAM sold in Latin America during the past year 2019 a total of 31,000 vehicles. This is more than double the units marketed by FIAT in that period of time, since it only recorded 14,500 registrations. It is true that the RAM registrations are much higher. However, in both cases, their role in this region is very testimonial. In any case, it is very clear that RAM has greater potential than FIAT to consolidate in Latin America.

The new RAM 700 is going to position itself as one of the first options when it comes to buying a car among those looking for a pick-up of contained size. FIAT must continue working on renewing its range in these Latin American countries where its position is weak. The FIAT Argo is a very successful model and the living example that the Italian manufacturer has the necessary wickers to offer interesting products.

FCA, a benchmark in the small pick-up market

Last year global sales by OEMs of small pick-ups totaled 275,000 units, of which 59% had the FIAT or RAM insignia. In this category FCA is the great reference, totaling 59% of the registrations of this type of vehicle. Far ahead of Volkswagen with 20% and Renault with 13% respectively.

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