Peugeot RCZ 2020: Rendered Pictures and details

In 2010, Peugeot launched a sports coupe. Unlike the other models in the catalog, it is not baptized using numbers but with 3 letters: RCZ! The model, 4.29 m long and only 1.32 m high is built on the platform of a 308. Its tracks have been widened and its center of gravity lowered. Offered with petrol and diesel engines, it offers up to 270 hp in its “R” version.

Despite the plebiscite of customers (and the automotive industry) for this two-seater coupe, Peugeot decides to stop its career in 2015. For 5 years, more than 50,000 units will have left the chains. And if the story was not finished …

What do you think of this Peugeot RCZ concept?

A young Polish designer, Piotr Czyżewski, decided not to let the RCZ sink into oblivion. This jack of all trades, therefore, had the idea of ​​redesigning the coupe with the new approach of Peugeot style. While retaining the most important proportions and stylistic details of the coupe (double boss on the roof, anodized aluminum roof arches …), it made it lose its curves to graft more angular features. We find in particular the famous headlamp-shaped headlights inaugurated on the 508. Those at the rear recall the E-Legend concept.

Peugeot RCZ 2021

In his reinterpretation of the RCZ, the designer has also allowed himself some follies such as this air intake at the top of the hood or this perforated rear bumper. Feel free to stroll through the slideshow to discover all the work done by Czyżewski Design.
A cabin with the i-Cockpit!

On the side of the cabin, the RCZ also had the right to its upgrade! We find the small steering wheel, a large digital screen enthroned above the piano keys, or the combined digital instrumentation offered across the range. Even the manual gearbox (6-speed on the vintage model) has given way to an automatic transmission. The realism of the graphics is such, that we believe it! But let’s not go back, it is only a designer delusion …

But how about if Peugeot revived a sports coupe? We await your reactions in the comments!

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