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Peugeot 308 2021: Fresh Design & New Tech

New photos and features of the Peugeot 308 2021 are announced. Although SUVs dominate the sales charts with an iron fist, compacts are not going to give them their ground just like that. The proof is in the commercial launch of models such as the Seat León, Volkswagen Golf VIII, or Mazda 3. All of them have put the Peugeot 308, one of the best-selling hatchbacks in recent years, against the ropes. But it will be for little because the PSA Group is a couple of months away from unveiling its replacement.

The last time we talked about the Peugeot 308 2021 was a few days ago. The reason was not related to its technical development, but because it will release the new logo of the Gallic house. Now we have news again that surely the top of the PSA Group does not like because they spoil, in part, the surprise. We mean that we already have the first reliable spy images that show how the aesthetics of the renewed 308 will evolve.

Thanks to the guys from we have a dozen spy images that show the new 308 in all its angles. The camouflage layer that covers the unit is very high, but it cannot hide the format of its bodywork and other elements. In the first place, it will continue to maintain a marked hatchback format, following the path that the current generation began in 2014. However, the interesting thing is in its front and rear.

Peugeot 308 2021
Peugeot 308 2021

If we look closely, the headlights will be more ragged and will be equipped with Full-LED technology. Although it is not appreciated, the same fangs appear as the 208 and 508 or the renewed 3008 and 5008 have been released. Also, a triangular shape can be seen in the central area of ​​the grill. This element would confirm that the renewed Peugeot logo will be for the first time on the grille of the next 308.

Peugeot 308 2021
Peugeot 308 2021

Other novelties of the Peugeot 308 2021 would be in the descending line of the ceiling, which would be more pronounced than in the current one. Finally, we must mention the rear. The headlamps are more camouflaged, although everything indicates that they will follow a pattern similar to that seen on the small 208. The rear window will not be very generous in terms of size, helping to reinforce its sporty style.

And so far we can read because the alloy wheels that the test unit mounts are known in the Peugeot range. We will have to be very attentive to possible news that may arrive because what is clear is that the new Peugeot 308 is going to make things very difficult for the Volkswagen Golf VIII. Let the German compact tremble!

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