Peugeot 308 2021: Fresh Look & Strong Engine!

Spring 2021, this is the date originally planned for the presentation of the new generation of the Peugeot 308 2021, a new batch compact that promises revolutionary changes.

With the VW Golf 8 and the Seat León 4 in the spotlight, Peugeot is finalizing all the details in the technical development of the new generation of the 308, a model that will be presented worldwide, in all probability, in the spring of 2021. It must be remembered that just a few days ago the French firm presented the latest update of the current second-generation

The third-generation Peugeot 308 2021will have a spectacular design riddled with aggressive and futuristic aesthetic dyes both outside and inside (our illustrator Schulte advances you with his recreation a first preview of what the 308 2021 III could be like). The interior appearance of the new compact will give off modernity through each of its pores, thanks to the style inherited from the latest creations of the brand – the new 208 and 2008-, with the adoption of a digital display in the instrumentation behind the wheel and a large central screen for the multimedia system presiding over the dashboard, all with high-resolution graphics and colors (3D type and customizable on the instrument panel).

Peugeot 308 2021 Interior

Peugeot 308 2021 Interior

From a technical point of view, the Peugeot 308 2021 will be manufactured under the production methods of the modular and flexible platform EMP2 with the latest changes made by the signature of the lion for cars and SUVs of medium size, which will allow the compact to adopt technologies of propulsion of the most varied. The cabin will be placed in a more delayed position compared to the current model, thus favoring the presence of a longer hood. The body shapes will be sharper and the glazed surfaces will also have less presence. The total length of the vehicle should be maintained compared to the current model, while the height may decrease slightly.

Both outside and inside, one of the most striking details that the Peugeot 308 2021 will wear is the adoption of the new logo that the models of the lion’s signature will have in the future, so the new Peugeot 308 2021 will be, therefore, the first car of the brand to incorporate the new emblem. In the front area of ​​the new 308, the new logo will not be embossed concerning the body but will be placed very flat, almost flush, as is the case with the new logo that VW released during the fall of 2019. The new presentation The brand logo, as they advance from France, will also serve to hide some of the sensors of the different driving aid systems.

Regarding the interior space, the Peugeot 308 2021 III will offer more or less the same levels of habitability for passengers as the current model, while still having the same wheelbase of 2.62 m, a battle that will grow to 2.73 m in the familiar SW body version.

Peugeot 308 2021 Engine

The third generation of the French compact will be “highly electrified”, although this does not mean that the new 308 abandons diesel and gasoline engines. In gasoline, 1.2 PureTech engines will be available in power levels of 100, 130, and 155 HP, while in diesel you can choose the latest evolution of the 1.5 BlueHDi blocks in power levels of 100 and 130 hp.

48V lightweight hybridization technology could also be offered in association with the 1.2 PureTech motors. Regarding plug-in hybrid technology, the 308 III will offer at least a type-scheme version similar to that of the 3008 Hybrid, with 225 HP of total power and the 1.6 PureTech gasoline engine as one of the essential elements in its functioning.

The mechanical range of the Peugeot 308 III could be completed with the most sporty and powerful version. In this case, the classic sports name GTi could be replaced by the acronym PSE (Peugeot Sport Engineered), with an efficient and high-performance plug-in hybrid scheme very similar to what the 508 PSE will debut soon.

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