Opel Mokka 2021: All Details, Photos, Price

The new details and drawings of the Opel Mokka 2021 are in our news. Previously developed in collaboration with Chevrolet, the SUV of the Blitz will soon inherit a base from the PSA group. Will he gain by it? A few weeks before its official revelation, the urban SUV reveals the design of its dashboard. A few days before, he let guess his silhouette through the photos of his prototypes, currently in the development phase. Finally, we discovered the logo of his new surname. No longer call it Mokka X, but simply Opel Mokka 2021.

When it was launched at the end of 2012, the Opel Mokka immediately stood out for its size, halfway between urban SUVs (Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008) and compact SUVs (Renault Kadjar, Peugeot 3008). 4.28 m long, it has long evolved alone in its segment, except for the short career of its badged Chevrolet clone, called Trax (2012-2015). It’s subtle positioning, offering more versatility than city crossovers, has earned it a great success, to which the important facelift of 2016 has largely contributed. At the same time, he was renamed Mokka X for the sake of harmonizing the designations of Opel SUVs (Crossland X, Grandland X).

Opel has since been acquired by PSA. There will, therefore, be no question of exchanging good practices with General Motors, owner of Chevrolet. By opting for the CMP technical base of the PSA group, the future Opel Mokka will mourn the all-wheel-drive from which its ancestor benefited.

Opel Mokka 2021
Opel Mokka 2021

Reduction of the template

By offering the services of the recent French platform, inaugurated by the DS3 Crossback, the Opel will skyrocket its technological capital. But curiously, the prototypes surprised on the open road, in recent times, have shown a size much lower than the previous generation of Mokka X. The silhouette of this second generation is also very close to that of the small SUV DS. A concordance of silhouettes which goes in the logic of pooling of means of production. Indeed, the future German crossover will be assembled on the same assembly line as the DS3 Crossback, in Poissy in the Yvelines department. And if Opel boasts of a weight reduction of 120 kg compared to the replaced model, it is before because the new Mokka will be much more compact.

Premium positioning?

We should expect a loss in the length of about 15 cm, knowing that the cousin DS peaks at 4.12 m. A narrowing that is likely to offend the clientele hitherto acquired for the cause of the Mokka X. The honorable family benefits of the old model will largely retreat, in a cabin that has become tight, while on the compartment side luggage, we can fear a significant drop in volume.

The repositioning of the Mokka could thus prove perilous for the brand at the Blitz, without taking into account the risk of cannibalization with the Crossland X, already installed on this category of urban SUV, with 4.21 m in length. Unless Opel is thinking of repositioning its Mokka, on a more chic territory, to make up for the exit from the catalog of the little Adam, ex-rival of the Fiat 500. This would legitimize the sharing of a production line with the DS3 Crossback, anyway.

Sharper look

Less generous on board, but more demonstrative in terms of style. This is the good news announced by Opel Mokka. It will draw its inspiration very precisely from the Opel GT X Experimental concept car, seen in 2018, by taking up, in particular, the principle of a colored strip marrying the top of the doors, until it dies at the base of the tailgate window.

The bow, on the other hand, will be characterized by the absence of a pierced grille between the front optics. These will be part of the continuity of glazing blocking the front, and incorporating the Opel logo. Its name: Vizor, which will become the hallmark of future Rüsselsheim productions.

Clean dashboard

Recently, Opel has officially revealed a drawing representing the dashboard of the new Mokka. We are delighted to see that it will be faithful to that of the GT X Experimental concept car, in a refined register. Rightly so, its string of multimedia screens is dubbed “Pure Panel”, and minimizes the presence of buttons. Opel is truly pampered within the PSA group, insofar as the new Mokka offers a dedicated dashboard, entirely different from that of the recent Corsa. For comparison, their Peugeot badged counterparts (2008 and 208) are asked to share the same cockpit.

An electric variant

Like its big brother, the aptly named Grandland X, this Mokka 2.0 will certainly offer a black hood, to simulate a kind of unit with the windshield and the roof. But this stylistic coquetry will be reserved for a very specific version: the Opel Mokka-e, 100% electric. With 100 kW (around 136 hp) and 260 Nm of torque, this variant will opt for a 50 kW battery which will provide a little more than 300 km of autonomy according to the WLTP certification cycle. Although it will convert to electricity, this modern-day Opel Mokka will still ensure its durability with thermal blocks. We will find, if all goes well, the 100 and 130 hp engines of the DS3 Crossback / Peugeot 2008 duo, in petrol as in diesel. But because of its higher-end positioning, it could adopt the 155hp petrol unit.

Opel Mokka 2021 price

The future Opel Mokka is expected in late 2020, after being revealed during the summer. Despite the reduction in its size, it could keep prices similar to the current one, to legitimize its move upmarket. A price equivalent to € 22,000 in call prices is expected, according to our estimate.

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