Opel Insignia 2021: What awaits us?

When you drive on a certain highway for five minutes, we can guarantee that you will see at least one version of the original Opel Insignia 2021. This is because it is a model that, while not outperforming its rivals, is cheap, powerful, and well-equipped. A car that embraces the Insignia family formula, adding even more interior space and equipment than its competition.

A wide range of gasoline and diesel engines are available, starting with 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline that comes with 138bhp or 163bhp. We found the most powerful option quite fuel-efficient and flexible from below in the rev range. Given the Opel Insignia 2021 low price, emissions, and fuel economy penalty over the 138 hp version, let’s say the 163 hp version is worth considering.

It is equipped with the standard suspension and relatively small 17-inch wheels. The Insignia handles smooth roads with ridges and compressions in a relaxed, if slightly wobbly, manner. However, try some steep surfaces and the ride will deteriorate quickly, with the car moving noticeably and hitting sudden obstacles like potholes.

Moving inside, in the front we find a fairly thin windshield that characterizes the Opel Insignia 2021 . Things are not so innovative when you look back: the wide rear pillars obscure the view on your shoulders. With much help, front and rear parking sensors are standard on the Tech Line Nav and Elite Nav models and are optional on any other model in the range.

Euro NCAP has given the Opel Insignia2021 a five-star safety rating and performs well in all categories evaluated. In part, this is because it comes with many standard safety features, including Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keeping Assist.

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