Opel Corsa 2021: All Details, Photos, Price

The new Opel Corsa is a classic small car. Parking-friendly is 4.06 meters long, hardly wider than its predecessor, and almost five centimeters lower. The Opel Corsa is thus clearly opposed to the SUV fashion and convinces with balanced proportions including a brisk roofline. At first glance, you don’t see that he is sharing the platform with a competing product for the first time. The Peugeot 208 from the same group was a little earlier, but the Opel designers did a great job. The little one goes straight through as an Opel.

The prices start at 11,756 euros (all prices net), which is 1,500 euros more than the predecessor. There is the 75 PS petrol engine with three cylinders (predecessor: four cylinders). With the 100 PS version (14,731 euros), the surcharge is even 2,700 euros.

The Franco-German joint product can also convince inside. Clear forms, clear switches, and intuitive infotainment distinguish the new one. The large touchscreen reflects smartphone content via Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Anyone whose employees have a business cell phone with a generous data plan can save on factory navigation. Speaking of screen contents: You can safely do without the digital instruments. Although they are sharp, the display area is a bit small compared to the competition. The conventional hands cannot do anything worse.

Long stretchers will find plenty of freedom of movement on the front seats. The lower roofline has no negative impact here. First, the passengers in the cheap seats, i.e. the ones in the back, have to move their heads. Even large feet look in vain for a pleasant place to park under the low-mounted front seats. Comforting: A Ford Fiesta can’t do that better, but it also had to put up with the more generous space of the VW group models in comparative tests. The luggage compartment is customary in the class, only a fairly large interior step and thin cladding materials somewhat spoil the joy here.

Opel Corsa 2021
Opel Corsa 2021

The latter, however, have a good excuse: The little Opel builds quite easily. The engineers want to have saved over 100 kilograms compared to the predecessor. The body-in-white alone weighs 40 kilos less. This is good for consumption, both for vehicle construction resources and for fuel on the go. Then regrinding on the body edges and underbody helps, which lowers the air resistance value as well as the flat body.

The Opel Corsa slips well through the wind, which also has a positive effect on driving comfort due to pleasantly quiet wind noise. Quite worth mentioning, the suspension is not exactly shy in its messages about the road surface. Especially as a GS-Line with 17-inch wheels, the occupants are informed very precisely about each manhole cover.

To do this, the direct steering is full of vigor and into the curve. Of course, the low weight also helps, but the Opel Corsa always behaves safely in the further curve. The 130-hp top petrol engine provides powerful propulsion under very clear three-cylinder drums. The very good eight-speed automatic ensures that the right gear is always engaged.

Opel Corsa 2021 Price

The 100-hp petrol engine does the same for the fleet, and there is a real recommendation for frequent drivers: the diesel (16,260 euros). It uses 1.5 liters of displacement and four cylinders, which is good for running culture. With its easily switchable and suitably stepped six-speed gearbox, it goes forward with a lot of strength and remains convincingly economical on the first test drives. The on-board computer showed values ​​of less than four liters, although we couldn’t get past 130 km / h due to traffic. However, the test drive was not a conscious economy ride either.

When it comes to fuel costs, the Corsa-e costs at most 25,126 euros. While the internal combustion engines are already at the dealership, electrical customers still have to be patient. Deliveries will not start until March. But then the purchase premium, which was increased to 6,000 euros in connection with the attractive company car tax, could at least give some fleet managers and company car drivers serious consideration as to whether they should try it electrically.

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