Mercedes EQE: Spy Shot on test drive !

Mercedes is getting closer to its goal of launching a total of ten electric cars by 2022. Number six is ​​the Mercedes EQE. He has now been caught as spy on winter test drives.

Insiders had already confirmed the electric model to British Autocar in the summer of 2019, previously the Chinese Ministry of Information and Technology had given details on the model price internally called V295. A prototype has now been shot down by our spy during test drives in the far north.

From the A-Class to the Maybach

With the Mercedes EQE, Mercedes is pursuing its strategy of contrasting an electric version with the known conventionally powered models. The Mercedes EQC is already on the EVA I platform, the model corresponds to the GLC SUV. This is followed by EVA I of the EQV (V-Class) and on a new platform (EVA II or MEA) the models EQA (A-Class), EQB (GLB) and EQS (S-Class). Another model is the EQ Smart built by Geely in China. Also in the planning: two large SUVs. One model in the dimensions of the GLE and another as the GLS. The latter could start as a Maybach SUV.

Mercedes EQE

But back to the Mercedes EQE. The electric E-Class will be smaller than its counterpart with a conventional engine but will offer space in the interior as in an S-Class. This is made possible, among other things, by the flat-bottom concept of the model, in which the battery packs are still accommodated between the axles and in the area of ​​the rear seat system. The new platform also allows aluminum to be used to reduce weight.

EQE more aerodynamic than E-Class

Visually, the EQE is of course based on the current style of the series, and the grill is shaped accordingly. In the side view, style elements of the CLS are then added. Overall, the EQE should be significantly more aerodynamically shaped than the E-Class. An active chassis contributes to this.

Mercedes EQE

Mercedes donates electric motors to the model, which acts on the front and rear axles. All-wheel drive is set, maybe there will also be a pure rear-wheel-drive version from 2022. All-wheel steering is also part of it, like an autonomous driving mode according to Level 3.

The security features shown in the new ESF study are also expected to be added.
There is only speculation about the performance data: The range should be over 600 kilometers, the output is more than 400 PS and 750 Nm. Like the EQS, the Mercedes EQE is built in the new Mercedes factory “Factory 56” in Sindelfingen.

Daimler consistently follows the path of comparing the successful models with a conventional drive to an electric version. Volkswagen is currently doing the same. The new platform allows the battery packs to be placed between the axles in such a space-saving manner that a flat silhouette can be created. How this works has already been demonstrated by Tesla with the Model S.

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