Mercedes C-Class 2021: Photos, Price

Multiple prototypes of the future Mercedes C-Class have already been surprised by spy photographers, more or less willingly. Enough enough for our Russian colleagues from Kolesa to imagine the final version.

Among the stars of this year’s virtual Geneva Motor Show, there was the 2020 E-Class. First because the E-Class is none other than the best-selling road car in the world, then because for this restyling of the fifth generation, Mercedes went there free. A real makeover that should also inspire his little sister, the C-Class, for whom renewal is expected next year. But in his case, no restyling, it will be a whole new generation, the fifth. Several prototypes have already passed under the eye of prying photographers in recent months.

First vision

Despite the usual zebra camouflage that covered these development copies for each of their releases, our Russian colleagues from the Kolesa site have already been able to deliver a first vision of this future C-Class. The mimicry with the very recent E-Class is here pronounced, but in view of the first stolen photos, Kolesa’s proposal does not seem that far from reality. It would not be the first time that Mercedes has played the card of the reduction of the upper model to give the lower model in the range. And, for once, the break with the current C-Class would be real.

Mercedes C-Class 2021
Mercedes C-Class 2021

Family resemblance

If we can therefore expect a very visible filiation between the new “E” and the future “C”, many unknowns remain mechanically. We can already bet that we will find under the hood of the new car the new 2.0 turbo petrol with light hybridization exceeding 300 hp. But for the arrival of the very recent 6-cylinders in line, of which the C-Class is still deprived, and to know the definitive part that will take the hybridization, it is still necessary to wait. Not to mention the future C 63 AMG, with the abandonment as likely as feared of the V8 in favor of a 4-cylinder.

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