Kia Stinger 2021: First Look & Photos

Kia is already working on a mid-cycle upgrade for the current generation of its sportier saloon. The Kia Stinger will be updated with a relevant facelift as these spy photos that have seen the light in distant South Korea demonstrate.

The Kia Stinger arrived at European dealerships in late 2017. Since then, the Kia sports saloon has been unchanged. The time has come for the first generation of this model to receive a major upgrade. That’s right, the Stinger will be updated with a facelift. A mid-cycle update that will allow this generation to face the rest of the commercial life that lies ahead.

Kia is already working at full capacity on the Stinger facelift. Proof of this is these spy photos that come to us from distant South Korea. Several prototypes have been sighted in broad daylight conducting various road tests. It has also found a copy parked in a parking lot, which has allowed it to take a snapshot of the cabin.

Just take a look at the spy photos that accompany this article to realize that there will be important news. Proof of this is the dense camouflage used outdoors. The changes will focus on both the front and the rear. The objective? Adapt the design to the new language that Kia is applying to all its new models. It will adopt new optical groups and both bumpers and grille will be revised.

Kia Stinger 2021
Kia Stinger 2021

And if we put the focus inside, there will also be news. One of the most relevant will be a new screen for the infotainment system, an updated multimedia system that will allow access to new functionalities and online digital services. The level of connectivity will be increased, as will the customization options.

Sales of the Kia Stinger have declined noticeably in recent months. The time has come to introduce an update that serves as a boost to encourage the registrations of this model. Even more so when, in Europe, some of its main competitors have recently undergone a complete renovation.

At a mechanical level, we should also expect improvements. Kia continues to increase its commitment to electrification and it is not ruled out that the new Stinger has, among its mechanical options, some type of electrified system. One of the options being considered is the introduction of a 48-volt semi-hybrid system (MHEV) that will effectively reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The launch of the new Kia Stinger is scheduled for the second half of this year. However, to see it at European dealerships, we will most likely have to wait until early 2021.

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