HUMMER EV: That everybody’s been waiting for!

The return of HUMMER EV is official by the hand of an electric pick-up under the brand of GMC, the specialist firm in SUVs and pick-ups of General Motors. And this return could not be made in any other way than in style, creating a completely new and electric car destined to compete with the Tesla Cybertruck, the Rivian R1T, and the electric Ford F-150. Although it will not arrive until autumn 2021, the GMC HUMMER EV promises to give a lot to talk about with its peculiar design, and it’s no less interesting solutions.

General Motors had been looking for a way to resurrect the HUMMER firm for a long time and has finally succeeded through a total reinvention. In terms of design, it is perhaps the only point where this new GMC HUMMER EV reminds us of its past, and it is that seeing the aesthetics and lines of this pick-up it is impossible not to remember the HUMMER H2 and H3. It is a pick-up of enormous dimensions, 5.5 meters, something that is accentuated by the muscular exterior design and that grill so characteristic of the brand.

In terms of design, several aspects of this HUMMER are also worth highlighting. To begin with, in addition to its rear box, we will also find a front trunk where you can store objects and utensils, with the same plastic protections as the box. And additionally, the design of this pick-up has been conceived so that we can eliminate its roof through a system of translucent and removable parts that can be stored in the front trunk. With this idea, the HUMMER allows us to fulfill as a convertible when we want to circulate in the open sky.

HUMMER EV Interior


Inside we find a fairly robust and technological design. GMC has wanted to combine this idea of ​​a tough vehicle capable of withstanding abuse, using surfaces specially designed to withstand blows and repeated cleaning, with a driving position made up of two LCD screens: 12.3 “digital instrument panel and multimedia system with 13.4 “screen. The configuration will always be 5 seats, with a rear bench seat for 3 passengers.


In the technical section is where the GMC HUMMER EV aims to stand out from its rivals. General Motors has created a new 100% electric platform, with state-of-the-art batteries that promise a range of up to 560 kilometers per charge. The capacity of these batteries has not yet been specified, but it is speculated with a figure of 200 kWh, which makes us talk about a very high consumption. Available in different drive configurations, the most capable will be the one that installs up to 3 electric motors to achieve 1,000 hp of maximum power and around 1,100 Nm of maximum torque. This configuration employs an electric motor on the front axle and the other two motors on the rear axle, promising 0-96 km / h around 3 seconds.

One of the strengths of GM’s new electrical architecture and its Ultium batteries will be the use of an 800-volt installation that will be compatible with direct current recharges of up to 350 kW. And finally, we have to talk about off-road capabilities, and although the GMC HUMMER EV has not yet discovered all its cards, for the moment it claims to be able to install tires up to 37 “, wade up to 610 mm, and overcome vertical objects up to 46 cm. We also find specific solutions such as the 4-wheel steering system with Crab Walk function to be able to move diagonally, armored underbody, air suspension with 149 mm of travel or the installation of up to 18 cameras throughout the vehicle – including the underbody -, facilitating thus the practice of the 4×4.


The arrival on the streets of the GMC HUMMER EV will not occur until the fall of 2021, which means that we still have to wait a good period, the first version to arrive the most capable and expensive of all: Edition 1 with the 3-motor EV3X configuration for $ 112,591. This same mechanical configuration will arrive in the fall of 2022, but without being a special edition, for a price of $ 99,995. Already in the spring of 2023, the second version of two engines would arrive for $ 89,995, having to wait until the spring of 2024 to see the cheapest GMC HUMMER EV with a price of $ 79,995.

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