Honda CR-V 2021: New Details & Photos

In the current generation of compact SUVs, the Honda CR-V 2021 is one of the first to switch generations, and thanks to new engines, increased space and comfort, it has won the hearts of many consumers. Now for 2021, a facelift has been presented that will strengthen its position in the segment thanks to a better hybrid version, the elimination of the 2.4-liter aspirated engine, and the arrival of Honda Sensing in all its versions.

Visually the Honda CR-V 2021 receives a slightly cleaner front with noticeable changes in the fascia, especially in the area around the fog lights, in addition to the darkening of part of the grille. On the sides, we will simply have new wheel designs, while on the back what stands out are the skulls with the same shape, but now with a smoked finish.

Inside there are slight changes, now it will have a digital instrument panel and in the center console more space opens to accommodate a new gear selector in the form of buttons, we say goodbye to the use of a traditional lever. Thanks to this you can now carry a wireless charger for smartphones.

In the mechanical section, the CR-V will bid farewell to the 2.4-liter atmospheric engine in the access versions, now all versions will carry the 1.5 turbos 190 hp with CVT box. As if that wasn’t good enough, Honda announces that its Honda Sensing safety suite that includes blind-spot alert, autonomous emergency brake, lane-keeping, and adaptive cruise control, among others, will be standard for all versions.

Honda CR-V 2021
Honda CR-V 2021

Honda announces that for the 2021 model it will begin to manufacture and sell the hybrid version of this SUV in the United States. This could make possible its arrival to the Mexican market. This version will have new plates to identify it, as well as a blue outline on the emblem of the grill and trunk, something in the style of Toyota hybrids.

The powertrain uses consists of a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle aspirated engine supported by two electric motors that together can deliver 212 hp. In theory, it is the same powertrain that the Honda Accord Hybrid uses in other markets.

Neither Honda nor any US organization in charge of emissions and consumption tests has published the official data of this hybrid version, however, the brand assures that it can lower up to 50% the consumption that a version without a hybrid system would have. An estimate considering that it would be an average of approximately 17 km / l in the city.

In USA, the model year change has not yet been made, so this update will likely arrive in the rest of the year, although we will have to wait to know if it will do so with the turbo engine for all versions, as well as Honda Sensing, or if it will only be a visual update. Similarly, we believe that the arrival of the hybrid version would be a good competition for Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

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