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Honda Civic 2021: Look So Good !

The car that you have on your screens is the new Honda Civic. The eleventh generation of the Japanese compact was presented tonight on Honda’s Twitch channel, and although it is a concept version, Honda has used very few changes from the prototype to the production version. Knowing this, we are fully certain that the 11th generation Honda Civic will be almost identical to the orange car that you have on your screens. Plus … Honda has confirmed that there will still be a high-performance Type R version!

Less compact, and available in two bodies

The current Honda Civic is a C-segment car, but it borders on the upper segment thanks to its dimensions greater than 4.50 meters. It is longer than a first-generation Audi A4, in case you want to have a direct reference. The eleventh Honda Civic will be as big, at a minimum, and will be sold in at least two body styles. On the one hand, it will be available in a four-door sedan body, which is what Honda has shown yesterday. It will also be sold in a five-door hatchback body, very similar to the current 10th-generation Honda Civic.

Honda Civic 2021

In both cases, the car boasts a considerably muscular design, with very sharp lines and an aggressive front, cut almost by a knife. We are struck by the break-in its C-pillar, which gives way to a very trimmed third volume, which blurs the border between a hatchback and a saloon. The compact version will have a very similar rear but will have a practical tailgate, which should give way to a very generous boot. Big 19-inch wheels and LED lights are a must in a compact with sporting aspirations in 2020.

More technological, and more sporty

We only have a picture of the interior of the new Honda Civic, but it teaches us quite a bit. First off, Honda just told us that it will have fully digital instrumentation, complemented by a 9-inch touchscreen, mounted above the center console. We like the design of the aerators – which run from side to side across the dash – and we like that physical controls are maintained for volume and air conditioning. The interior seems practical, ergonomic and of good quality, but we cannot certify that until we see it in the first person.

Honda Civic 2021

Honda says it is doubling down on passive and active safety efforts with the new Civic, expanding the Honda Sensing suite of driver assistance. An interesting detail is that the car’s programmed deformation structure has been improved to make it compatible with cars of all sizes and weights, something very positive in these times when we drive surrounded by SUVs. The increased rigidity of its platform should also contribute, in the words of the brand, to a more dynamic and more exciting driving experience.

Honda Civic 2021

Taking into account that Honda has confirmed for the US market Si versions and Type R versions, we will not lack high performance as an accompaniment. Mechanics have not been discussed yet, but a revolution in this regard is not expected, if not an evolution of the current turbo gasoline engines – Honda no longer has diesel engines in its European range. It will arrive in the United States in 2021, and Europe should arrive somewhat later, taking into account that the current Honda Civic began to be sold in early 2017.

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