Genesis GV70 2021: Luxury SUV Debuts

Genesis has unveiled in society the first details and images of its new SUV. It is the new Genesis GV70, an SUV located one step below the GV80 in the range of the South Korean manufacturer. This new model is set to play a key role in Genesis’ landing plans in Europe.

The wait is over. Genesis has unveiled its new and anticipated SUV. The new Genesis GV70 is already a reality. The South Korean premium carmaker has unveiled the first official images and details of this SUV that is set to play a key role in the brand’s global expansion. And especially, for its landing in markets such as Europe.

The new GV70 will be in the range one notch below the current Genesis GV80. It will be his particular “little brother.” This new model, which we have been following closely throughout its development process, adopts the new design language that Genesis is applying to all its releases. More specifically, it is based on the “Athletic Elegance” philosophy.

Genesis GV70 2021
Genesis GV70 2021

The design of the new Genesis GV70 and the Sport version

Let’s put the focus on the front. The new GV70 sports a huge grille, something already characteristic of the brand, and is combined with some air intakes of considerable size. The optical groups are divided and make use of LED technology. Plastic bumpers that protect the underside of the body and roof bars help to show off a more adventurous look.

Genesis GV70 2021

The side view along the waistline creates a remarkable sense of flow. And ending our tour of the exterior at the rear, in addition to some rear lights that are also divided, a special mention should be made of the design of the bumper as well as the fall adopted by the roof.

On the other hand, and no less important, we must make a special mention of the new GV70 Sport, the version that will bring out the sportier and more dynamic side of this new SUV. It will be quickly identifiable since it sports a specific front bumper and is fitted with 21-inch wheels with a G-Matrix pattern. Also, and if that was not enough, it brings with it many chrome details. And for the interior, it has specific colors and finishes along with a sports steering wheel. There are also carbon fiber inserts.

The interior of the new Genesis GV70

If we have the opportunity to venture inside the new GV70 we will be enveloped by an elegant, minimalist, and comfortable environment. The number of physical controls is quite small. The design of the instrument panel and the panoramic screen that crowns the center console and which is key to managing the infotainment system stands out without a doubt.

The air conditioning module is also well integrated and, how could it be otherwise, has a high level of digitization. Both the upholstery and trim show a great level of detail in terms of finishes.

All-wheel drive will be available on the engine range

Although Genesis has not especially gone into details about the mechanical section, it has confirmed something that we had already been anticipating. And is that the new GV70 is supported by a platform intended for rear-drive models. You will have this option and, it will also be possible to opt for an all-wheel-drive system.

When will it hit the market? The commercial launch of the new GV70 will occur before the end of this year. It will initially go on sale in South Korea. Later it will reach the rest of the markets where Genesis is present. As we have indicated at the beginning of the article, this model will be key in the landing of the brand in the Old Continent.

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