Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400: 1,400 hp electric to burn wheel

Just a few days ago, our spies hunted a mysterious Ford Mustang Mach-E on a North Carolina test track that offered a long festival of drift and burnt rubber. Hidden potential or a wilder version of Ford’s electric SUV on the way?

Well, we finally know that Ford was in the hands and indeed it is a Ford Mustang Mach-E with steroids that Ford Performance has created together with RTR Vehicles and that with the name of Mustang Mach-E 1400 promises to forever change the vision about what electric vehicles can and cannot do.

And it is that the approach that Ford Performance and the company founded by Vaughn Gittin Jr have given to this model (after dedicating 10,000 hours of work) is that of an almost multidisciplinary competition car, as is clear from the images with which It has been presented, accompanied by legendary models such as the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400, also electric, or the Hoonicorn by Ken Block.

A versatile 1,419 hp electric monster

Ford points out that both its chassis and its electrical system can be configured for different tests, from drift to drag races or long-distance races. A powertrain consisting of a total of seven electric motors has a lot to say in this, five more than in the case of the Mustang Mach-E GT, with three of them attached to the front differential and four to the rear. The result is a total of 1,419 hp that can be intelligently managed between the front and rear, even taking all that amount to just one of the two axles.

This immense amount of power is also accompanied by a high-performance 56.8 kWh battery with nickel, manganese, and cobalt bag cells, and an aerodynamic load of more than 1,000 kg at a speed of 257 km / h. This aggressive aerodynamic is also designed to cool the entire electrical system. The model has been built following Ford’s experience in its competition models, although that does not mean that it also has ABS and regenerative braking, Brembo brakes similar to those of a Mustang GT4, and even a hydraulic brake system designed to drift and which is complemented by the possibility of turning off the rear engines.

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NASCAR’s upcoming release

This Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 will make its first appearance in society very soon in a NASCAR test, although seeing its potential it will be more than likely to see it already participating in more than one automobile discipline.

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