Epic Fail! The wheels of the Ford Bronco are named after their greatest rival

One of the most curious anecdotes and that will probably go down in the history of the launch of this new generation of the Ford Bronco is that of its tires, since the rubber model that some versions of the new Bronco use have and look the same name as its maximum rival. , Wrangler.

The Ford Bronco has been resurrected for one reason, to face and subtract sales from the most popular SUV in the American market, the iconic Jeep Wrangler. Thus resuming one of the historical rivalries of that market, a confrontation that even led to the name of the iconic Jeep model being changed.

Until the late 1980s, the successors to the original Willys “Jeep” were named after a series of acronyms, a system of nomenclatures that originated in 1944, when the first civilian version of the original military Willys MB (Jeep) arrived. . The last one was the Jeep CJ7 marketed between 1976 and 1986. However, for the model year 1987 Jeep decided to change the name of the model, after more than four decades on the market. The name chosen for the then new generation was none other than Wrangler, a name that was not precisely chosen at random.

The Ford Bronco was one of the Jeep’s top 4×4 rivals since it hit the market in 1965. Its name and symbols were derived from the iconic Mustang emblem and like this its name is also related to horses. If Mustang was the word of Spanish origin used in the United States to name wild horses, the Broncos are those horses that have not yet been tamed, even if they are not released. So the choice of the Wrangler appellation, the name given to the cowboy who is in charge and looking after the horses, was not exactly accidental, it was all a symbolic gesture towards his greatest rival. What many would define today as an epic trolley.

And now, several decades later, we meet again with this historical rivalry, thanks to the return of the Ford Bronco, almost a quarter of a century later. Rivalry that has been noted in the reaction of Jeep, which precisely on the day of the presentation of the Bronco decided to announce and present two very special versions of its SUV, the future Wrangler 4xe PHEV and the Wrangler V8, in both cases with videos loaded with a strong symbolism in which in addition to the Jeep a good number of horses appeared.

However, these attempts to trolling or stealing attention to the Ford launch are nothing compared to the enormous and incredible unforeseen event that the Ford boys have had to face during the development of the model, bearing the name of their rival on the sidewalls of the Bronco’s tires: the Goodyear Wranglers.

The solution has been simple but only halfway, since Ford has asked the American tire manufacturer to remove the word Wrangler from the tires, so they will not appear on the outside, but for some reason they do on the inside, so that the name can only be seen when the wheels are removed. Quite an anecdote for the history of the model, which also experienced a similar eventuality when it was to be presented this summer, since the first date announced coincided with the birthday of O.J. Simpson, which caused not a few jokes and memes on the networks.

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