Ford Bronco Raptor 2021: Rendered & All Details

For those who still find the look and performance of Ford’s new 4×4 to be non-aggressive, how about touch from the Ford Bronco Raptor family? The new and resurrected Ford Bronco has become one of Ford’s biggest releases, to the point that in the first 24 hours its website for reservations collapsed on several occasions. There is no doubt that the new Ford 4×4 has been a success thanks to its combination of the neo-retro design in a pure 4×4 format.

However, with the model already shown in its multiple versions, some of the most capable already, many begin to wonder if, as in the case of their pick-up models with the F-150 and Ranger, there will be a functional Ford Bronco Raptor version. under the new Bronco.

At the moment Ford does not seem to have commented anything about it, and that many people who have already fallen in love with this new release have begun to dream of this Bronco even wilder. Some designers have begun to imagine it.

Ford Bronco Raptor 2021
Ford Bronco Raptor 2021

It is the case of TheSketchMonkey that has begun to speculate with the possible aspect of that possible Ford Bronco Raptor taking as a reference all those features that identify this family that today is the elite within Ford’s off-road models, such as its smaller and reinforced lower bumpers, slightly larger wheels and fenders accompanied by more aggressive tires, side skirts, a more aggressive front with auxiliary lights, and a sportier grille, and of course a blue color that has become a sign of identity of the Ford Bronco Raptor and Ford Performance models in general.

Ford Bronco Raptor 2021
Ford Bronco Raptor 2021

Although the designer does not speak of mechanics, we could imagine, for example, a 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine with about 400 HP of power such as that already offered by models such as the Ford Explorer ST. Although this extra power should also be accompanied by a revised chassis and suspension and larger wheels to devour dunes as their brothers do.

A good example of inspiration is the Ford Bronco R prototype created to compete in last year’s Baja 1000 and equipped with special Fox shocks and a suspension with 46 cm of travel. A model from which this possible Ford Bronco Raptor could take part in its DNA.

Ford Bronco Raptor 2021
Ford Bronco Raptor 2021

What if it was a Warthog?

However, this same model shows that it is also not certain that a possible performance version of the Bronco bears the Raptor seal. Another possibility, which should not rule out the existence of the previous one, is that it carries the surname Warthog, a name more identified with rock climbers like the Jeep models, than with dune eaters like the Raptors. We will have to wait to see what Ford surprises us with, but given the success of this new Bronco and its love of offering performance models, this new model will almost certainly have a wild and fun version on the way.

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