Ford Bronco 2021: Leak reveals the new tubular doors

A recently leaked image has exposed one of the most striking off-road accessories in the new Ford Bronco, its future tubular doors. These accessories are formed by a tubular framework that replaces the conventional doors covering the lower part of the hole and are used by some users during the practice of the 4×4.

During the development of the new Ford Bronco 2021, numerous Ford patents appeared with different removable door solutions for off-road models. Some were even quite elaborate and novel designs, such as those that included bars with side airbags. So it is to be expected that the Bronco parts and accessories catalog will end up having an item of this type sooner or later.

The image above has been leaked online by the specialized forum Bronco6G and is allegedly taken from Ford’s own website by a user who claims to have found it hidden in the page’s code. At this time we do not know how precise or not this maneuver is or if it violates any law, but of course as an excuse to justify the existence of the image it is very good.

These tubular doors are considerably simpler than those originally patented by Ford. These are conventional tubular doors, formed by a small network of tubes of circular section that cover part of the lower area of ​​the door opening, both in the front and rear. By logic, this accessory will surely also be available for the 2-door version of the Bronco.

This seems to confirm that the conventional doors that the Ford Bronco 2021 mounts can be disassembled and replaced by such an accessory. At the moment we do not know how many similar accessories are going to be marketed, but it would not be surprising in the aftermarket we can find several additional types. These new doors will join the perforated front doors that already appear in the official images of the model, an accessory that was removed from the range of its maximum rival, the Jeep Wrangler, shortly after being presented, despite the fact that these appeared in the first images of the model.

The patents filed so far by Ford showed much more complex systems than the one we see in this image, as they included structures within the conventional doors themselves, so that when the door was disassembled, the internal structure was fixed to the hinges and sometimes of tubular door. Other patented designs include metal structures that could be hidden inside the vehicle’s own frame and that in some cases even included side airbags. We do not know if any of these complex systems will have a place in the production variant of the new Bronco 2021.

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