Ford Bronco 2021: Hennessey Debuts Accessories

The new Ford Bronco has not yet been unveiled and Hennessey Performance is already announcing on its website that it is launching a new range of aftermarket accessories specific to the new Ford model. So users are going to find a whole series of mechanical accessories, personalization and off-road elements for the new generation of the Bronco.

After several delays, the new Ford Bronco will finally be presented on July 13. One of the most anticipated and anticipated novelties of the brand in recent years, so the expectation raised by the arrival of the new Ford SUV has been enormous.

At this point we already know a good number of details of the new model, as there have been few reports or leaks that have appeared of the new generation of the Bronco. Including images of some specimens endowed with their final production configuration and totally nude, without any camouflage. Still, we still have to wait about a couple of weeks to know the full range of the new Ford Bronco 2021 and all its details. Although this does not seem to have mattered to the guys at Hennessey Performance, who are already announcing a specific line of accessories for the new Bronco.

Ford Bronco 2021
Ford Bronco 2021

Unless Hennessey managers know something about the model we don’t know, they theoretically don’t have enough information to be able to develop accessories for the new Bronco. Although knowing what mechanics are going to be available, it will not be very complex to plan the new accessories for the mechanical section, since the Texan preparer has extensive experience with Ford models. Including the various engines of the EcoBoost family that are available in ranges such as those of the Mustang or the F-150, and which are precisely going to form the Bronco 2021 offer.

This new line of accessories has not yet been detailed but is already indicated on the Hennessey Performance website. According to the preparer, the range of improvements for the Bronco will include “high-performance elements and updates for extreme off-road use.”

At the moment we can not specify what these accessories really will be, but knowing the trajectory of Hennessey Performance we can expect elements intended to increase mechanical performance and accessories designed to increase the off-road capabilities of the model. A good example may be Hennessey’s spectacular VelociRaptor Ranger, also based precisely on the Ford Ranger, whose platform will be used precisely by the new Bronco. This muscular pick-up features wider axles, raised suspension, off-road tires, wider wheel arches and various mechanical modifications that boost its power to around 355 hp (350 hp) and 420 Nm of maximum torque.

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