Ford Bronco 2021: Front Suspension Edited

Maxlider Brothers Customs, an Illinois aftermarket specialist, has announced a series of improvements for the new Ford Bronco 2021 that includes a new rigid front axle to replace the independent suspension scheme that characterizes the new Ford SUV. One of the Bronco solutions most discussed by the most staunch off-road fans.

The new Ford Bronco 2021 is without a doubt the presentation of the summer, this has been presented in the form of a radical off-road vehicle that is available in two body variants and that has also been accompanied by a crossover that also has a frame configuration specially enabled for use off the road, the Ford Bronco Sport.

Although the true star is without a doubt the new Ford Bronco 4×4, a true pure off-road vehicle that has come to compete from you to you with the iconic and successful FCA Group Jeep Wrangler. Therefore, the Ford model has been developed taking the entire Wrangler range as a reference, both in its technical configuration and in the structure of the catalog, except for some small details.

One of the most striking features of the frame setup of the new Ford Bronco is its front suspension scheme, which, unlike in the rear, mounts an independent scheme instead of a rigid axle. This is probably due to the fact that the US firm has tried to ensure that the Bronco also has a good behavior on the asphalt, although that has made the most radical 4×4 fans take their hands to the head, as they expected a robust scheme rigid axles both front and rear, just like the Wrangler.

The presence of an independent suspension scheme in the front area does not mean that the model’s performance is going to be bad off the road, but it is true that a rigid axle is a more robust solution, especially for those users who are looking to squeeze the 4×4 performance of the model to the maximum and on very broken tracks or areas.

For this reason, just a few weeks after the presentation of the model, we have already found the announcement of an aftermarket kit that is being developed expressly to offer a solution to the most hardcore fans that includes a new rigid axle in the front area. Although this remarkable change of frame is the most striking aspect of this preparation, the truth is that it is a much more complex job that includes other elements. This has been announced by specialist Maxlider Brothers Customs, an Illinois aftermarket, and its name will be Bronco Midnite Edition 2021.

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