DS4 2021: First Look, Photos, Price

New DS4 2021 – We thought it was gone forever. But DS wants to believe in its chances of imposing a premium compact, against the Audi A3, BMW Series 1 and Mercedes Class A. The failures of Lexus (CT) and Infiniti (Q30) in this niche, without forgetting that of the previous generation DS4 (2011-2018), do not seem to have reached the morale of the troops at PSA. But this time, it will no longer be a question of reading a vulgar Citroën C4. What are the advantages of this future DS4, expected in 2021?

DS4 2021
DS4 2021

Despite all the efforts made by DS, the previous DS4 did not worry many people, despite the important facelift it enjoyed in 2015. It was for her until then badged Citroën, the time of emancipation. Become a full-fledged DS, at the launch of the brand, it tried, in particular, to break through with its Crossback derivative, looking like a backpacker, Mercedes GLA style. But the damage was done, the DS4 irreparably dragging this reworked image of C4. In 2021, when it is launched, it will be quite different. The new DS4 will not share any body parts with any PSA model.

Only its entrails will betray its origins, based in particular on the platform of the future Peugeot 308. A technological contribution that will allow the DS4 to offer the services of multiple rechargeable hybrid blocks. The entry ticket should accumulate around 180 hp while ensuring 50 to 60 km of all-electric autonomy, while at the top of this hierarchy, a DS4 Performance could see the light of day. It would claim the 360 ​​hp of its big sister DS9, based on a 4-cylinder associated with several electric motors, and would benefit from an all-wheel drive. Sufficient characteristics to consider rubbing shoulders with the Audi S3. However, no 100% electric variant would be programmed, according to our information.

DS4 2021

Aesthetically, the first spy shots show a vehicle lower than in the past. However, the prototypes are adorned with roof racks, a nod to the Audi A3 Sportback, rather than the Mercedes GLA. This will not prevent the future DS4 from being available in an offroad variant, under the name Crossback, with lots of plastic protections. For the time being, it is difficult to plan precisely on the details that will enhance his silhouette. We still risked publishing an illustration, which we will not fail to update, based on the information that we receive.

Legacy of the Aero Sports Lounge concept?

However, through the camouflage of the vehicles currently in the test phase, certain characteristic stylistic features are detected. The front panel seems to calm the game, compared to the DS3 Crossback SUV, often considered extroverted. This new DS4 will take precedence over elegance but could allow some fancies. The light layers inaugurated by the DS Aero Sports Lounge concept could appear at the base of the spotlights, while the side glass surface should form a bottleneck on its way to the stern. Certainly, the hood will be flanked by a central blade, to confirm the premium character of this model, when extractable handles are invited on the doors.

Unlike the DS9, which is identical to the dashboard of the DS7 Crossback, the future DS4 will have its cockpit. If it remains faithful to the brand’s latest creations, leather should cover the entire interior, just like Alcantara, relegating plastic to the background. In terms of state-of-the-art equipment, a night vision system should appear, as well as the camera-controlled suspension management. Finally, on the silhouette side, this DS4 could be supported by a 4-door variant, with a trunk, in addition to the traditional hatchback version.

DS4 price

The revelation of this new DS4 should take place in 2021, before production begins at the Sochaux industrial site, a few months later. In terms of prices, the DS4 should be exchanged at a minimum of € 27,000. A call price slightly lower than those charged by the German competition.

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