Dacia Spring Electric: All Details and Photos

The new Dacia Spring Electric debuts. Who would’ve believed that? Even Dacia is about to launch its own electric vehicle. Foreshadowed by this show car, very close to the final model, it promises to be the most affordable on the European market.

As Tesla proudly establishes its status as a premium electrical specialist, Renault is poised to become the leader in inexpensive connected vehicles. With 8 years of experience with the pioneer Renault Zoe, the Losange is preparing to develop a real range of access to zero-emission technology, soon integrating the Twingo ZE, and soon a Dacia model, even more accessible.

Dacia Spring Electric
Dacia Spring Electric

Template between Twingo and Zoe

The Spring is unveiled today under the shape of a city SUV (3.73 m long), expected in the first half of 2021 in dealerships. Its line is not completely unknown to us since extrapolated from the Renault K-ZE City, just marketed on the Chinese market. A model itself from the Renault Kwid, an ultra-low-cost model that is all the rage on the Indian market.

More secure for Europe?

To legitimize its approach, and not to overshadow the Twingo ZE, Renault has decided to rebadge it with the Dacia seal, for its operation in Europe. But although it has nothing more to prove in terms of simplicity and robustness, the micro-adventurer will have to review a certain number of its components to meet the requirements of approval of the European Union, in particular in terms of effectiveness in crash tests. With 5 doors, Spring Electric already has its lightness, a saving variable when it comes to carrying very heavy batteries.

Without dwelling on the characteristics of its new baby, Dacia announces aiming for a range greater than 200 km, according to the WLTP standard. It’s already better than what the Twingo ZE promises. Through the slightly eccentric look of this show car, we are given some clues as to the final livery of the future Spring. The double Y formed by the rear LEDs announces, for example, the light signatures of the next Dacia models.
Dacia Spring Award

It remains to know its price, sinews of war at the Romanian manufacturer. We can count on a price evolving around 20,000 €, excluding state aid.

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