Dacia Sandero 2021: First Look & Photos

While the current Dacia Sandero still posts honorable commercial results, despite a seven-year career, its replacement is expected during 2020. On this occasion, the city of the Romanian manufacturer will make a real technological leap.

Despite its dashing appearance, the Dacia Sandero is content today with the ancient base of the second generation of Clio (1998). A characteristic that it drags like a ball when passing the crash test tests. But the revolution is underway since it is said that this new Sandero will be based no more and no less than on the CMF-B platform inaugurated by the Clio 5. If the information is verified, it will be a real tour de force operated by the Renault group to maintain the balance between modernization and lower costs. However, an increase in prices is to be feared for this new generation of Sandero.

Since early October, camouflaged prototypes of this future Dacia Sandero have been immortalized by the paparazzi. We see, given the pictures widely distributed on the web, an incredible similarity of style with the new Renault Clio. The Romanian displays some gimmicks very close to diamond models, such as the side cutout of the hood largely inspired by Talisman / Koleos. A relationship that borders on cloning.

The first low-cost hybrid?

By taking over the technical basis of the Clio 5, Dacia offers the possibility of opting for non-rechargeable hybridization. From 2020, the city car of Renault will adopt a 1.6 l hybrid petrol cumulating around 128 hp. This technology called E-Tech, known for its low manufacturing costs could be invited under the hood of the new Sandero, in a slightly deflated version. This is a way for the Renault group to amortize its technical progress more quickly, which Nissan will also soon benefit from, with the new Juk

Rising rates?

We can hardly believe that Dacia will keep the floor price of its Sandero below € 8,000. To achieve its end, its architecture could do without passive safety elements. Deformation and shock-absorbing parts could fall through the cracks, with Dacia fully assuming its low crash test scores. A setback that new active safety technologies will try to overcome, such as automatic emergency braking.

With its new CMF-B platform, the 2021 Dacia Sandero should experience slight inflation in its size. It will probably be halfway between a Clio 5 (4.05 m) and a Captur 2 (4.23 m), to renew its profile as a versatile city car. Undoubtedly, the range of engines for the new Clio will take place under the hood of the Bucharest chip. Namely, the Sce 65 and 75 hp, alongside the TCe 100 hp, while skipping the 130 hp block. On the diesel side, the dCi 85 and 115 hp could also be part of it.


The revelation of the new Dacia Sandero, and its legendary Stepway version with a backpacking look, could take place in the fall of 2020, at the Paris Motor Show, before considering its marketing at the end of the year. It should also be available in Logan sedan and MCV station wagon. On the price side, it is to be feared that it will pay for its technological gain, to display a basic price located around 9000 €, when the current one starts at 7990 €.

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