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Say hello Citroen DS9 2020. Let’s not take it in four ways. After the disappointments accumulated by the French high-end since the 80s, from the Peugeot 604 to the Renault Vel Satis, via the Citroën XM, the arrival of a large tricolor sedan can only leave one perplexed. We are necessarily wondering about its ability to worry about German competition, in terms of engines. Well, the answer is yes.

Citroen DS9 2020
Citroen DS9 2020

By culminating in 360 hp in its engine catalog, the DS9 covers the vast majority of the mixes offered by the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class which it intends to tackle. He will be forgiven for avoiding, for the moment, any foray into the very closed circle of the RS, Motorsport and AMG variants, reputed to be untouchable.

Citroen DS9 2020

The French company provides more than most, with this rechargeable hybrid engine including 4-wheel drive. An ambition found on this side of the border, which is a pleasure to see. In addition to this imposing powertrain, the DS9 will offer, at its launch, a petrol unit of 225 hp, assisted by a plug-in hybrid variant of the same power level, as well as a third accumulating 250 hp, also using rechargeable hybridization.


These electrified versions promise a range of between 40 and 50 km WLTP, thanks to an 11.9 kWh battery, which can be recharged in 1 hour 30 minutes via the 7.4 kW onboard cable. For its part, the electric motorization, integrated into the eight-speed automatic gearbox, reaches 80 kW (110 hp) for 320 Nm of torque. The DS9 thus puts exclusively on petrol, in hybrid or pure thermal, completely free from diesel engines.

Citroen DS9 2020

But the new flagship mainly targets the international market, where this type of fuel is tending to disappear. It is in China that the large French sedan will be assembled, where it hopes to restore color to the sales figures of the PSA group. But the French group, it seems discouraged by its setbacks in the Middle Empire, redirected the ambitions of its large sedan, when it was intended mainly for this country. The choice of the Geneva Motor Show for the launch of its communication is the first indication of this, beyond the desire to embody DS9 as a vehicle with a global vocation.

To please the greatest number, the sedan will highlight its expertise in French luxury. But not only in terms of refinement. To win, she sees big, with a total length of 4.93 m, ideally placing her at the level of the German sedans mentioned above, and making her the longest French ever produced after the war. Externally, the DS9 cannot hide its parentage with the Peugeot 508, from which it is extrapolated.

Citroen DS9 2020

Stylistically speaking, its bow brings it closer to the DS7 Crossback SUV, when the rear has a nice personality. From this angle, we discover elegant chiseled lights with a scale effect, supported by thick chrome rods extending over the wings. The whole is originally enhanced by flashing reminders located on both sides and the roof, in homage to the original Citroën DS. Finally, from the little brother DS 3 Crossback, it inherits the subtle retractable handles in the doors.

DS9 2020 Interior

The same attention to detail is given to the interior, fully covered with Nappa leather at the dashboard, as are the grab handles. You can detect crystal touches in the same way, when the Alcantara covers the entire pavilion. Comfort is associated with this exclusivity with, for the first time in the segment, heated, massaging and ventilated rear seats.

The acoustic treatment also prevailed, thanks to laminated glazing, when the vibrations were attenuated by welding the body, but also by the use of a controlled suspension, notably managed by a camera. DS9 finally offers the latest driving assistance refinements, with the second level of autonomy, guiding its trajectory up to 180 km / h within a lane.

Citroen DS9 2020

The night vision system inaugurated by the big brother DS7 is also on the program, the detection of drowsiness of the driver, or the LED matrix lighting. Finally, it is possible to control your DS9 with your fingertips, via a smartphone application, to unlock the vehicle remotely. This right can be delegated to five other phones to facilitate car-sharing, according to a defined time slot. This technology works on Bluetooth, remaining operational even without a GSM network.

The DS9 will roll out in concessions in the fall of 2020, at a basic price of around 50,000 €, according to our estimate.

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