Citroen C6 2021: First look, Photos, Price

What about the Citroen C6 2021? All the details are in our news. Cold weather at the idea of ​​reviving the niche of sedans, losing speed against the SUV, the rafters finally validate the plan to renew the C5 and Citroen C6. Linda Jackson, Citroën’s No. 1, would have given the green light, according to our British colleagues at Autocar. There is no doubt that this heiress of the CX will be inspired by the lines of the Citroën CXperience Concept, star of the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

A few months ago, Citroën was not in top form, with an aging range having paid the price, for a few years, of the priorities granted to Peugeot and DS, under the control of the PSA Group. The breath of fresh air came from the ramp-up of the new Citroën C3 at the end of 2016, then from the recent launch of the C3 Aircross SUV, not to mention the C5 Aircross expected in September. Put back on its feet, Citroën can calmly reconsider the introduction of a sedan in its range.

Citroen C6 2021
Citroen C6 2021

The Citroën CXperience Concept assumes its worthy offspring with the late Citroën CX, itself the ancestor of the XM and the last Citroen C6, which recently disappeared. Logically, this is the niche that Citroën will reinvest. It would thus be a large road and not a Citroen C5 family wagon. Because the latter, recently released from the catalog, will be replaced by an SUV similar to the size of the Peugeot 3008: the C5 Aircross, which will roll out in dealerships in the fall of 2018.

However, the CXperience concept, 4.85 m long, is rather identified with the size of a Peugeot 508. If he were to give birth to a future Citroen C6, he would probably gain a dozen centimeters to legitimize his rank as a high sedan range, and wedge on the template of the Chinese Citroen C6 (4.96 m long).

On the other hand, there is no doubt that Citroen will renew the original silhouette of low sedan, resulting from the concept, like Volkswagen Arteon, to stand out in a conservative category. And also to avoid any cannibalization with the future Peugeot 508, with classic architecture. From the CXperience concept, the future Citroen C6 will probably keep the main lines.

Citroen C6 2021
Citroen C6 2021

On the other hand, it will be necessary to dispense with the spectacular artifices inherent in most concept cars, such as rear view cameras, aerodynamic mobile trim tabs, or even the large antagonistic doors. The dashboard design will also come down to earth. It could be inspired by that of the recent Citroën C6 on the Chinese market, taking care to improve the cocooning atmosphere, dear to the “Citroën Advanced Comfort” program, which the manufacturer is gradually introducing throughout the range.

Roll on 2021, when this new Citroën C6 should go into production, in France and China, at a base price of around € 30,000. For a few thousand euros more, it will be possible to have it in a rechargeable hybrid version.

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  1. Come on Citroen, get your finger out and get the new C6 on the road and don’t leave out the hydra active suspension.
    I’m Canadian and I’ve been driving Cit’s since 1960 and I’d like to tell you a true story about an experience in Toronto.
    It was nearing 9am as I walked to the architectural office where I was employed and there on Yonge St. just north of Bloor St. was a DS21 stopped where there was ‘no stopping’ between 9am etc. and a motorcycle cop had pulled in behind the DS21. Just then a beautiful blonde lady appeared, having been in the bank near her DS. The cop nodded to her and she blew him a kiss as she drove off. I approached (one of Toronto’s Finest) with a smile on my face and he said to me,
    ”yes, she is attractive but it wasn’t her that caught my eye, it was the car that was the attraction.” I smiled and he smiled and said, ”they are the most beautiful cars in the world and I wont ticket them”. Here ends the lesson.

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