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Citroen C5 2021: All Details & Photos

The long-awaited future large Citroen sedan known by the code name E43 and which could replace the C6 rather than the C5 will arrive on the market in 2021. The next two years will, therefore, be the year of major innovations for Citroen which, after the C4 this year will find a large sedan to oversee the range by bringing style and technology.

Citroen C5 2021
Citroen C5 2021

Citroen had already given a precise indication of its future large sedan with the presentation of the CXperience concept in 2016 at the Paris Motor Show. This concept announced the new style of the front panels of the brand that the future Citroen C4 will inaugurate soon. And the C5 will resume, beyond the headlights, the overall theme of the CXperience concept in a reinterpreted since the future large Citroen sedan will not rest on a wheelbase of 3 meters but should resume the same wheelbase as the Peugeot 508. Of course, it will not retain the silhouette of the Peugeot 508 but will be higher to provide more roominess.

Finally, in terms of style, the future C5 will ignore any edge line to offer soft lines but not devoid of muscle, this is the new mantra of Citroen design to which Pierre Leclercq wishes to bring even more strength.

Citroen C5 2021
Citroen C5 2021

On the technology side, the future C5 based on the EMP2 platform will ship one or more plug-in hybrid versions as soon as it is released, with the possibility of offering even more power than the C5 Aircross hybrid. What prevented the C5 Aircross from having the 4WD version was Citroen’s desire to keep the three individual rear seats, which would not have been possible with the addition of an electric motor on the rear axle. But this future large Citroen sedan will not have individual rear seats and its great length should largely allow it to offer, without encumbering the habitability, a strong hybrid version of 300 horses.

Finally, the future C5 will be the queen of comfort because it will inaugurate the association of suspensions with double hydraulic stops with a camera so that this car can “read” the road and opt for the best suspension setting to offer a first-rate comfort.

In conclusion, style, technology, and comfort, the future large Citroen sedan, which could, therefore, replace the C6 more than the C5, will correspond in all respects to Citroen’s primary DNA.

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