Citroen C4 2021: First Drive Test & Photos

The first Citroen C4 saw the light in 1928 in the form of a saloon, but this model only lasted two years in production and its last name fell into oblivion until 2004 when the Xsara relay hit the market to revolutionize the compact segment. This first modern C4 was marketed in a five-door body and a three-door body that was very popular, in part because of its distinctive coupe-style design with a split rear window and a steep roof drop.

In 2010, the second modern C4 arrived and, although it did not achieve the same success as its predecessor, it was on sale until 2019. Now, the company with the two chevrons recovers the name Citroen C4 and innovates again as it did in 2004, but this time twice: aesthetically and with a 100% electric version called ë-C4.

The new course, new C4

With the new C4, the French firm returns to one of the segments it knows best, the compact segment, and does so in its way, with a model made in Madrid that opts for an unconventional design, with compact features and a certain style. SUV, but not enough to place it in the category of compact SUVs, since it is closer to the ground than an SUV and its dimensions are more contained.

It measures 4.36 meters long, 1.80 meters wide, and 1.52 meters high, it has five doors and its rear draws a shape similar to that of the 2004 C4 Coupé, while the front incorporates double optics similar to those of the latest Citroen launches.

The plastic protection in the lower part of the bodywork and the wheel arches give it that look halfway between an SUV and a compact to use, but do not be fooled because its 15.6 centimeters of ground clearance does not they are enough to get off the asphalt with guarantees and unlike other Citroens with the name Aircross it does not have the Grip Control system to improve motor skills on difficult terrain.

A step forward in quality

What it does have in common with the rest of Citroen is the possibility of personalizing it with dozens of combinations of exterior colors and color packages that allow you to decorate some elements of the body with different shades, such as the frame of the front fog lights. The interior can also be configured with five different environments, however, it stands out more for its quality than for originality. With the C4, Citroen has taken a step forward in this regard, to the point where we can say that we are facing the best-finished Citroen in recent years.

Not only does it use good quality materials, such as aluminum for the door handles or the soft, rubbery-touch dashboard, it also has a good fit. Also, it is soberer than other models of the brand, to the point of being minimalist because it dispenses with many buttons and instead we find a large central 10-inch touch screen and another panel for digital instrumentation, the latter smaller and too much simple, although it collects all the information necessary for driving and is complemented by a color Head-Up Display; For its part, the passenger can be entertained thanks to the support for tablets and mobile phones located above the glove compartment, a practical solution that makes traveling easy.

Citroen C4 2021
Citroen C4 2021

If we talk about space, it does not offer more habitability than its rivals, it is simply correct. At the rear, there is enough space for two adults up to 1.85 meters in height to travel comfortably and the trunk, with 380 liters of capacity, is in the middle of the category, although it has a wide loading opening that greatly facilitates the things when it comes to handling bulky luggage.

Comfort, the highest priority

Beyond quality and habitability, the interior of the C4 stands out for how comfortable it is. It is very well soundproofed and the seats are exceptionally comfortable. They do not support the body like others with a more sporty cut, but they perfectly fulfill their objective: to make you feel like you are on the sofa at home. The suspension of hydraulic progressive stops also helps, with a very soft setting and a great capacity to absorb potholes and any irregularities in the asphalt, very much in the line of Citroen.

But just because the suspension is wobbly doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain body roll well. The French have done a good job with their set-up, achieving a level of comfort superior to that of other compacts, but without sacrificing too much the dynamic qualities of the car. It is not as agile as a Seat León or a Renault Mégane, but it does not intend it either, unlike other compacts, it is more focused on comfort and invites you to drive in a more relaxed way.

Citroen C4 2021
Citroen C4 2021

Proof of this is the steering, which is extraordinarily soft and not very communicative, but even the EAT8 automatic transmission of the unit tested in the touchdown does not give rise to practice a more animated driving because it is not a fast transmission, nor in the mode Rather, it tries to make the transitions between gear and march smoothly to increase the comfort of the driver and passengers.

On the other hand, the range of engines does not have any alternative performance approach. For the moment, you can choose between a 130 horsepower PureTech gasoline with manual or automatic transmission, a BlueHDi Diesel of identical power only associated with the EAT8 automatic transmission, and the 100% electric variant of 100 kilowatts (136 horsepower), called Citroen ë- C4. Later, two more gasoline blocks will be available, 100 and 155 horsepower, as well as a 110 horsepower Diesel.

In the first test, we got behind the wheel of the electric version and the 130-horsepower BlueHDi diesel. The second is a good option for those drivers who do many kilometers, since it offers an adjusted combined consumption (about 6 liters / 100 kilometers on average) and is enough to move the whole with ease, standing out for how well it recovers from below.

Also in zero emissions format

The ë-C4, however, is more comfortable because it is completely silent, although it pushes less than the 130-horsepower HDi, despite being a bit more powerful. Unlike other electric vehicles, it is more progressive when accelerating and does not manage to stick us to the seat at any time, although its 100 kilowatts are enough to function well in any scenario, especially in the city. In return, it spends less than other electric vehicles, settling for an average of about 17 kilowatts/hour per 100 kilometers. This figure drops in urban areas, even more so if the B (brake) function of the gearbox is used, which takes advantage of regenerative braking to recover energy during decelerations.

Citroen C4 2021
Citroen C4 2021

With this function, it is possible to drive with a pedal (without touching the brake) and the autonomy is practically not diminished. According to the technical sheet, the ë-C4 can travel up to 350 kilometers with a charge and the truth is that in the city that figure could be exceeded, but outside of it you have to drive very efficiently to get closer to the homologated range in the mixed cycle. To charge it, charging points of up to 100 kilowatts of power can be used, which would allow recovering of 100% of a charge in just half an hour, since the battery has 50 kilowatts/hour of capacity.


If we talk about prices, the new Citroen C4 is on sale in our country for 22,300 euros (not including discounts) with the 130-horsepower PureTech gasoline engine, the six-speed manual transmission, and the Feel finish. For its part, the 130-horsepower BlueHDi Diesel has a starting price of 26,800 euros with the EAT8 automatic transmission and the Feel Pack finish. The Citroen ë-C4 starts at 33,900 euros with the Feel finish, but with the discounts offered by the French brand, it is available from 30,600 euros. Later we will know the prices of the Diesel and gasoline access versions, as well as the 155-horsepower C4 gasoline (see all prices).

Citroen C4 2021
Citroen C4 2021

As standard, the equipment of all finishes, even the most basic, is very complete, as it includes a full range of driving aids, such as traffic sign recognition or the involuntary lane change alert, in addition to the dual-zone automatic climate control, led lights, rear parking sensors or the aforementioned suspension of hydraulic progressive shock absorbers.

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