Cadillac CT4-V 2021: Spy Shot on Test Drive

The Cadillac models CT4-V and CT5-V receive two more potent brothers: the CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing. This has now been officially confirmed by Cadillac, and there are new SpyShot.

Review: With the V-models of the new model year 2020, Cadillac did not necessarily make friends in the fan base. A 320 hp 2.7-liter four-cylinder works in the CT4-V, a twin-turbo V6 with a displacement of three liters and 365 hp in the CT5-V.

Both engines are coupled with a ten-speed machine. It is not enough to impress the M GmbH or AMG or to get fans of powerful US sports sedans behind the stove. What they need are six-cylinder, eight-cylinder, and manual transmissions.

Blackwing with V6 and V8

Cadillac has heard these requests and is currently working on two new models. These have the suffix “Blackwing”, as the manufacturer now officially confirms. Both models are designed in terms of chassis, chassis, and engine tuning so that they also cut an extremely good figure on the racetrack.

Cadillac CT4-V 2021
Cadillac CT4-V 2021

According to the sporty design, only manual transmissions are offered. The circulation of both Blackwing versions is limited. In the first race track tests, the Blackwing caddies are said to have distanced their predecessors ATS-V and CTS-V.

Cadillac CT4-V 2021
Cadillac CT4-V 2021

The designation Blackwing was previously reserved for the V8 engine in the CT6-V, which takes a whopping 550 PS out of its 4.2 liters and uses a ten-speed machine for transmission to all four wheels.

The unit is not suitable for use in the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing. According to the latest insider information, a 3.6-liter turbo V6 with 464 hp and 603 Nm torque is used. This engine is known from the ATS-V. But the best news is that the CT4 V Blackwing will have a manual six-speed gearbox – and rear-wheel drive.

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