BMW M4 2021: New Details & New Photos

New pictures and details of the BMW M4 have been released. The definitive arrival of the new BMW 4 Series has not left anyone indifferent, and that its groundbreaking design has been anticipating since the appearance of its prototype, the BMW Concept 4, at the last Frankfurt Motor Show 2019. Incognito it is inevitable that lovers of BMW and its M, as well as sports fans in general, begin to imagine what their most sporty model, the BMW M4, will look like and how this new design bet will suit them.

The brand has just shared the first official photographs of the new generation BMW M4, taking advantage of the fact that the engineers are completing their tests on the track, specifically on the Sachsenring track, Germany. This scenario, along with others from around the world, serves to fine-tune some key aspects of the car, such as the suspension, brakes, steering, and propeller.

In the words of the chairman of the BMW M council, Markus Flasch: “With every BMW M car, we put motorsport technology on the road. The new BMW M3 Saloon and the new BMW M4 Coupé embody this principle in a particularly intense way because both models are unequivocally in the world’s most successful tourism tradition. And the test unit results show us that the new generation of models is significantly superior to its predecessors in terms of performance. “

As expected, the M4 we have in images sports extensive camouflage to keep its final appearance secret. However, from the Bimmer Post forum comes the first real image of the famous Bavarian sports car in this new generation. A leak of what appears to be a prototype but that already looks without any camouflage.

In case there was any doubt, this image reveals that the most sporty version of the new 4 Series with the famous letter M will also feature the already famous and groundbreaking double kidney grille in vertical format and large size, although here it looks without chrome edges or any Another type, it is not well known if it is a very early stage unit or because it is BMW’s bet on the M4.

However, several extra details make it clear that we are facing the future M4, such as the shape of its lower air intakes, which replace the format of two large openings on the sides with which the Series 4 has been presented by a Large horizontal lower grille accompanies the sides of two vertical air intakes in the style of the BMW M2 or the previous M4, accompanied by a thin front splitter in a dark finish on the lower side of the bumper.

Another unmistakable feature is its more aggressive hood with grooves that do not appear in the base model and especially its widened fins, a brand of the house in the M4, and that here house more sporty wheels with multi-spoke shiny black wheels and a large diameter that are partially visible.

Rear or all-wheel drive

In the mechanical part, there will be no great surprises at this point since those responsible for its development have confirmed on several occasions that the next M4 will be offered, like the M3, in two different versions, although both will share a six-cylinder turbocharged block online and 3.0 liters of displacement. The access variant will develop 480 horsepower and will be exclusively associated with a six-speed manual gearbox. Above this will be the so-called Competition, with 510 hp and a maximum torque of 650 Nm, this time associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission per torque converter.

On the other hand, with the Competition versions of the new BMW M3 Saloon and the new BMW M4 Coupé, we are addressing maximum dynamics in terms of power development and transmission, initially with rear-wheel drive and, at a later date, also in conjunction with the latest version of our M xDrive four-wheel-drive system “says Dirk Hecker, Head of Development for BMW M and BMW Individual.

BMW has confirmed that both the new BMW M3 and this M4 Coupé will be officially unveiled in September to be marketed as early as 2021.

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