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BMW M3 Touring 2021: First Look & Photos

After the M3 sedan and the M4 coupe, BMW Motorsport intends to decline its label on the entire 3 Series / 4 Series family. In addition to the 4 Series convertible, the low sedan called Gran Coup√© will also join in, pending the arrival of ‘a Touring station wagon. A first in production, after the failed act of the E46 concept unveiled in 2000, desperately remained a dead letter.

Finally, compete with Audi station wagons

If Audi has forged its legend in the field of sports station wagons, since the S2 Avant in 1994, its German competitors have long been cautious about catapulting their movers. Mercedes however resolved to do so in 2001, by launching the Class C 32 AMG, when BMW waited two more decades to produce its M3. Last August, a first photo announced it to us on social networks, in the form of a teaser. We could see the bodybuilt stern of the 3 Series station wagon, notably equipped with four tailpipes, within an impressive black lacquered diffuser.

BMW M3 2021 Engine

Since then, we have been able to take note of all the technical characteristics of the new M3 / M4, revealed during September. The M3 Touring station wagon should renew the two power levels offered (480 and 510 hp). But only the most extreme variant, called Competition, should make up the French catalog since it has an automatic transmission. The manual transmission, 480 hp, was unfortunately not chosen for France, given the low commercial scores recorded by the previous generation.

We will have to wait until 2021 to witness the revelation of this overpowering break. With 510 hp on French territory, the BMW M3 Touring intends to take the advantage of the Audi RS4 Avant (450 hp). But, the Mercedes-AMG Class C 63 S, as powerful as the Bavarian model, will certainly give it more trouble.

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